Monday Mayhem – Life in the Stereozoic Era

As many of you know, Fodder has been collecting and refinishing some 70s-80s-era stereo compenents. Last week, this sweet Sansui setup moved into my office.

We aren’t complete troglodytes. We hooked up a bluetooth hub, which means I can stream my iTunes playlists through my awesome receiver. Say what you want about the new compact speakers, but there’s nothing as resonant as good, old-fashioned woofers and tweeters.

I have to have music on to write. Probably because I grew up in a house that was never quiet. I have a playlist I put on as I write. Some of these songs provide inspiration for certain characters/story lines, others I simply like. Of course, being a romance writer, I named it Sexytimes. He’s a sampling on the songs on the list and some of the books they helped me write:


All I Want Is You                   U2 (Play Dates)

All of the Stars                        Ed Sheeran (Love & Rockets)

The Blower’s Daughter         Damien Rice (Flip This Love)

Chasing Cars                           Snow Patrol (Long Distance Love)

Falling Slowly                         Kris Allen (Double Play – WIP)

Just Breathe                            Pearl Jam (Easy Bake Lovin’ – 2018)

More Than This                      Roxy Music (A Bolt From the Blue)

Songbird                                   Eva Cassidy (A Will and A Way)

Turn Me On                             Norah Jones (Going Deep)

Secret Garden                          Bruce Springsteen (Love Game – 2018)

Long Long Time                      Linda Ronstadt (A Ring for Rosie – 2018)

Lilac Wine                                Miley Cyrus (Feel My Love-WIP)

How about you? Can music trigger memories or spark creativity in you?


3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Life in the Stereozoic Era”

  1. That’s some pretty fancy artwork on your wall there, too! Nice. For most of my life, I viewed music as a distraction, keeping me from concentrating on what I was supposed to be doing, but I’ve done a flip-flop in my old age. Now some background music really helps the creativity and focus. Weird, huh? Can’t tell you how much I love that you have a playlist called “Sexytimes!” You are awesome!

  2. I think your husband and mine would get along well. Although Jack is more on the collector end than the restoring end. Love your music selections!

  3. Music has always been so powerful and meaningful for me. It seems I can put on almost any song and there’s some kind of memory or story attached to it. I can’t listen to music when I write, though. I can’t have any distractions whatsoever. You know how I am. Shiny things…

    I must say, that is quite a stellar playlist you’ve got there!

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