Monday Mayhem – Lightning round!

Enough about me, let’s talk about you!

1) How’s your Monday going?

2) What are you wearing?

3) Seen a movie lately? Good? Bad? Ugly? Too many naked people? Not enough naked people?

4) Read any good books? (Not fishing for anything but suggestions to add to my ‘To Be Read’ pile, I swear.)

5) If you could be a shape-shifter, what animal would you be?

6) Tell me the name of at least one of the celebrities who would make your ‘Freebie List’.

7) Quick! A memorable quote! Any quote. Doesn’t have to be verbatim; just something that has lodged in your mind.

8 ) What would your dog name be?

9) If you had to choose the shoes you’d be buried in, which pair currently in your collection would win?

10) Condiments. Beneficial addition to the flavor of our society, or imperialistic sauces hell-bent on camouflaging the evil that lies beneath bun? Discuss.

Happy Monday, my friends. I think you’re awesome regardless of your answer to #10.

9 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Lightning round!”

  1. Ha! Love it.

    1. Work is done. So you tell me how my Monday is going. ;>)
    2. Backward baseball cap, glass slippers… Kidding. Comfy shorts and a red teeshirt.
    3. Last movie in theatre was Sherlock Holmes. Started slowed ended well. RDJ is a cutie.
    4. Last books, the ones Iwanna and you recommended. Jill Shalvis’ Thank you BTW.
    5. Probably a pampered pooch. Loyal and they get belly rubs
    6. What’s a Freebee List? If It is what I think it is. Scott Patterson. Yes, still.
    7. Anything GG. As you see I quoted automatically above.
    8. Sparky.
    9. I love my black sandals. I need to be comfy in Heaven.
    10. I love contiments. Mustard and Mayo on sammiches. Mustard, mayo, ketcup on burgers and mustard and ketcup on hotdogs. No to relish and always yes to onions and tomatoes. I love me a dressed up meal. I have also been known to dip fries and pizza in ranch dressing, nuggets in hot sauce. I’m wild and crazy

  2. 1. Very well, thank you! I had a productive dance education class, got my grad photos taken, got my passport photo taken, and now I’m chillin’ till tap tonight.

    2. I’m wearing Hanes underwear, my red push-up bra, dark wash jeans, a white collared dress shirt, and one of these: 😀

    3. Never enough naked people. I saw War Horse. I cried through 80% of the movie and for ten minutes after it was over. Schmoopy, party of one.

    4. Commitment! You should read it again! 😉

    5. A tiger! I love tigers so, so much. I would hug myself and cuddle myself and never let myself go.

    6. Paul Walker, Kevin Costner, Cory Monteith….

    7. I just felt like runninguhhhhh.

    8. Buddy! 🙂

    9. Oh god. It’s so hard to choose! Ummm . . . I’m gonna have to go with my neon orange pumas.

    10. I wrote a freaking ode to Ketchup. I think you know how I feel about condiments. I should show you my dirty Ketchup picture sometime. Remind me.

    Happy Monday to you! I think you’re pretty darn awesome yourself! 🙂

  3. 1. Well, it finihed some time ago, but it was hot and horrible
    2. Black pants, aqua top, black shoes – oh, and underwear
    3. Saw Happy Feet 2 with the kids – turns out it was much scarier than expected. No naked people, only naked penguins.
    4. Currently reading trashy novels as I have finished all my Christmas books. I did enjoy Jane Lynch’s autobiography.
    5. Hmm, I think a dog since they’re pretty good at being pampered in my household
    6. David Boreanaz, Jim Parsons (yes, I do know there is a significant issue with that), Scott Patterson
    7. Too much pressure! I can’t think of one!
    8. Uh Dopey?
    9. I’m not a major shoe fan, so I’d probably have to say my ugg boots because they’re comfy
    10. Condiments are awesome, particularly ranch dressing. Ketchup is disgusting though and should be banned

  4. You’re such a hoot, Margaret. That’s hoot with an “h”. Not coot.
    1. So far, so good on Monday. Still revising. Brain a bit mushy.
    2. Jeans, black tee, black and gray striped sweater, bare feet.
    3. Last movie I saw was “Moneyball”. It was better than I thought it would be.
    4. I’m reading “Commitment” right now, silly! I’m also reading Neill Strauss’s “Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead”. Lots of great interviews.
    5. A cat so I could take a nap.
    6. JT, duh.
    7. I’m so bad at this. “Whatever you are, be a good one.”-Abraham Lincoln
    8. Cupcake
    9. My insanely cute black Coach boots with the 5″ heel. I’m way too tall in them when standing.
    10. Love mustard

  5. I love you all for playing along! Your responses make me grin. My faves so far:

    Laurie: 2. Backward baseball cap, glass slippers… Kidding. Comfy shorts and a red teeshirt.

    Julie: 7. I just felt like runninguhhhhh.

    Pink: 8. Uh Dopey? (would Uh be his first name?)

    Karen: 9. My insanely cute black Coach boots with the 5″ heel. I’m way too tall in them when standing.

  6. 1) meh…

    2) No pants and a red Razorback Tshirt. Also, Im under the covers.

    3) No but I am dying to watch Avatar with my son or One for the Money with Mags. 🙂

    4) In the middle of a Sabrina Jeffries historical series. Its ok.

    5) I really dont want to be an animal. Can I have super powers that heal instead?

    6) Living – Colin Firth, fictional – Jamie but there is a rather large list here…

    7) Sleeping with you is getting me nothing.

    8 ) What would your dog name be? I honestly have no idea.

    9) My orange Nikes

    10) Mustard all the way.

  7. 1. Blah. I got a headache at work that doesn’t seem to want to go away. And I couldn’t come straight home after work, I had to go grocery shopping because I was Old Mother Hubbarding it at my house. But it’s better now because I’m home.

    2. Undies, blue jeans, black/grey striped socks, fuchsia t-shirt. No bra.

    3. No, unfortunately. I have a growing list, after watching the Golden Globes and SAG awards. I’ve been busy watching some other show that someone recommended to me! But that has naked people, so life is good. I have 3 episodes left.

    4. I’m reading Ryan’s Return. A Amazon freebie (at least it was free when I got it). I’m almost done, then Commitment is next!

    5. Probably a cat. One of my spoiled cats. Or I’d be your new house bunny so you could feed me carrots. 🙂

    6. Robert or Simon from The Cure. Colin Firth. Any hot celebrity with a Scottish or Irish accent. Even though I don’t swing that way, LG. James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser. Luckily I’m single so it doesn’t have to be a special “freebie” list. 😀

    7. Can I fix you some sandwiches.

    8. To name my dog, or my name if I was a dog? If I was a dog…Patience. To name my doc, something Scottish. Finn, Fergus, Seamus, you get the idea.

    9. Probably my red and black plaid Chuck Taylor All Stars. Love those shoes.

    10. I am a condiment lover. Don’t hate me. In fact, I was dipping my pizza in BBQ sauce the other night, hence my status update “Bring on the imperialistic condiments.”. I love BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, BBQ sauce and ranch dressing mixed, and ketchup sometimes. Sweet & sour sauce for my chicken nuggets. I’m not a fan of mustard. And I hate blue cheese dressing.

  8. I can’t do all of these-was supposed to be at work 14 minutes ago so….
    9. Barefoot. Absolutely barefoot.
    10. Chipotle Tabasco – I can’t stand the regular Tabasco, not even to smell it. But something about the chipotle does beautiful things to the hot sauce.

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