Monday Mayhem – Long Distance Edition

Hey, y’all! I’m out of town for a family wedding (fill you in next week), but I didn’t want you to think I forgot you. Since I’m phoning this one in long distance, I thought I’d share a bit of Long Distance Love.


A fast five:

Standing tough was so much easier when she was three hundred miles away, damn it. Ellie showing up at his place unannounced was definitely not part of the whole ‘play it cool’ game plan. How the hell was he supposed to keep his paws to himself when she was standing right there burrowing into his chest like some kind of helpless little woodland creature? Why did he ever want to? His arms tightened around her.

Long Distance Love is available now!

A Christmas Eve snowstorm leaves newly single Ellie Nichols trapped in an airport terminal with only hunky FBI Agent Jack Rudolph for company.

Lucky Ellie.

For Jack, the passing of a long winter’s night turns into a New Year filled with possibility. State lines and hundreds of miles separate them, but the spark that flares each time they meet cannot be denied.

Can two ambitious, career-driven people find a way to make a long distance relationship work when matters of the heart bring them up-close and personal?

3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Long Distance Edition”

  1. 😀 Here I go laughing again at the ‘woodland creature’ description. Cracks me up every time! Hope you’ve had a fab time at the wedding and wishing you a safe trip home!

  2. Can’t wait for the wedding update. While you were gone my niece had her baby so big things happen this weekend for lots of people.

  3. Hey, anytime you’re not sure what to post, feel free to throw us some more Jack and Ellie! That’s always appreciated! But a mysterious, out-of-town wedding? Sounds like a plot for a love story to me!

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