Monday Mayhem – Millie Time!

PLAY FOR KEEPS releases tomorrow and I am super-excited!

I have to admit, I love the heroine in this book. Millie talks tough, but she has a lot of heart. She knows who she is, and accepts and loves herself, but she struggles to let others in. Ty Ransom is a steady, determined man, and it’s a darn good thing. He’s going to have to put on a full court press to convince Millie that he’s playing for keeps.

And I have some BIG NEWS regarding this release!

Amazon editors have chosen PLAY FOR KEEPS as one of the best books of  April! This is a huge honor, and I’m keeping some pret-ty swanky company on that list. Check it out here.

LOVE GAME is still available in stores, so if you haven’t started the series, grab both books and get in the game! And keep the Spotted in the Wild pictures coming! I love seeing them!

3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Millie Time!”

  1. Even though technically I can go pick up my copy today, I think I will wait until tomorrow to see if I spot it on the shelf too. Excited for your Release Day!

  2. Awesome (and well-deserved) news! Excited to hear that Millie’s getting her time to shine. I need to pack up my safari gear and mosey on down the highway, see if I can spot it in the wild!

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