Monday Mayhem – My year in numbers

I’m one of those crazies who likes to quantify things. so I thought I’d throw some random stats for the year out there this week, and next week, we’ll get to open the Good Things jar!

29 – Number of novella length or longer works published (Going Deep).

3 fabulous vacations – Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York. 🙂

1 agent acquired!

52 Weekend Writing Warrior posts.

2 beloved pets lost, 1 fairly goofy pet gained.

6 – number of books contracted for 2016-2017.

76 episodes of Friday Night Lights watched in the month of August.

1 visitor from abroad. Literally, a broad. Her name is Julie and I fed her every chance I had.

23 – number of strands of Christmas lights purchased to replace old strands.

47 – the number of candles that would have been on my birthday cake if I’d had a birthday cake. We ate ice cream sundaes instead.

175,000+ words written on drafts. This doesn’t include proposals, edits, material that was cut, blog posts or other peripheral writing.

4 grueling days of physical inventory at the day job.

Whew! So that’s what I’ve been doing. I need to rest now.

2 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – My year in numbers”

  1. And this broad enjoyed every minute of the feeding! 😀 What a year you’ve had! Can’t wait to open those Happy jars!

  2. You have had a very eventful years. Your writing stats are very impressive. In 2016 I’m sure you’ll have many more awesome additions. Maybe you’ll have a transplanted Californian who has moved to Missouri visit. I’m sure you don’t get many of those. Easy stat to remember.

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