Monday Mayhem – No Vortex to See Here

Hi gang! It’s me again. I’ve missed you! I’m back from a quick trip to Chicago for my niece’s wedding, and I’m happy to report we flew in and out just before the vortex descended upon the city.


As a matter of fact, it was a balmy 61° when we landed in Little Rock. I’ve never been so happy to be in Arkansas rather than Illinois. Still, we had a fantastic time with the family, and I’m so glad we made the trip.

And now, it’s February. Can you believe that? Our foretasted high for today is 70°. Can you believe that? We’ll be seeing buds on the trees soon. (Here’s hoping!)

So, yeah, winter can just move right along.

Fodder and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day by going to see Book of Mormon because we are super romantic that way. *snickers* I’m generally not the flowers and candy type, I do enjoy any excuse to tell people I love them.

How about you? Are you planning anything special with your guys, gals, or pals?

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2 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – No Vortex to See Here”

  1. My Valentine’s Day plans so far involve me eating my weight in cinnamon hearts. Maybe I’ll treat myself to some pad Thai and a movie night. At the movie theatre and everything. And I might even see a double feature! 😀

  2. Im kind of a negative Nellie on certain materialistic holidays and Valentine’s Day is one of them. I have a wonderful man to share the day with but this day also sets me wrong. I think it is a stupid day.
    Glad you made it in and out before the bitter cold. Luckily the cold has moved on and we are in the positive digits! Loving the air right now.
    Hope you enjoy the show!

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