Monday Mayhem – November Nuttiness

It’s November and I’m knee deep in NaNoWriMo. This year, I’m working on a novella about a young widow looking to cut loose, and the guy who’s just the man to help. 🙂

It’s also birthday month. That means I dragged Fodder out to the movies. Hard to make the man sit still for 2 hours, so I need to take advantage when I can. We saw St. Vincent. I can definitely recommend it.

I’m also doing Weight Watchers again. So far I’m down 5 pounds total, but I might have indulged a bit this weekend. I needed that chocolate chip cookie. I needed it bad.

This year, I will have the day after Thanksgiving off for the first time since 2002. I’m looking forward to the long weekend. I hope to finish the first draft of Bossy Pants by then and start in on the first book in a new series I’m calling Hooligans to finish out the 50k I need to complete the challenge.

Finally, the Diamond State Romance Authors will be hosting our annual public meeting next Saturday, November 15, 2014 at the Thompson Library in Little Rock. The program will be about Writing Short, and will start at 10am. Coffee, donuts, and good company – all for the low, low price of FREE! Here’s the blurb:

Diamond State Romance Authors Logo Pink(1)

There’s more to writing short than less story. Join the Diamond Sate Romance Authors for a glimpse into the beauty of brevity. Learn tight writing, secondary plots, characterization and backstory. We’ll discuss tips and techniques that will help you craft a better story of any length with fewer words.

This free public workshop will prove you with the tools you need to improve your pacing, tighten your plot, and make every sentence count.






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  1. Happy birthmonth! Sounds like it’s gonna be a busy one for you, but hooray for getting the day after Thanksgiving off! It’s okay to indulge a little on the weekend. That’s what they’re for. 🙂

    I loved St. Vincent too and give it two thumbs up!

    Wish I could go to the workshop! Writing short is my thang, ya know? Except for the first time during this NaNo frenzy, I’m actually attempting to finish a story that’s exploded into a novella that really wants to be a novel. I have a Victor/Victoria thing happening here. Oy.

    Happy Monday! Have a fantastic week! 🙂

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