Monday Mayhem – Old flames and new loves

Big news in my world this week – the Gilmore Girls revival is a go!


The table read took place last week, filming is set to start, and my posse is starting to make plans to watch it together!

This week, I also fell in love with a new show this week. Until the People’s Choice Awards, I had never hear of Mozart in the Jungle. I just watched two seasons in 24 hours and I’m soooo in love with it.


I don’t feel the least bit bad about the indulgence, because once again I have met my goal early. Ransomed Heart is approaching the 1/3 mark. One more chapter and I think I’ll start pulling what I have apart, trimming away the loose threads, then shoring it up so I can soar right over any threat of a saggy middle.

How about you? Run into any lost loves or new sparks this week?

3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Old flames and new loves”

  1. I watched a 5-hour documentary on “The History of the Eagles.” Since I’m still mourning Glenn Frey, it was therapeutic. I’m moved to the ‘cautiously optimistic’ category regarding Gilmore Girls. I’m still not convinced it will go my way, but after hearing Lauren Graham’s comments I’m not as worried as I was. Glad to hear Ransomed Hearts is moving right along, although I refuse to believe you could ever have a saggy middle!

  2. I am so with you about the excitement that is Gilmore Girls. To think those characters will be walking in the Hollow tomorrow makes me so happy. And speaking of old ( with a new twist), I thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven’t really started anything new. Just waiting for my favorites to return.

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