Monday Mayhem- Pardon my blatant self-promotion

Happy Labo(u)r Day, my friends! I’m celebrating the holiday with a new release! Okay, it’s one of Maggie’s, but believe me, I worked harder on this story than she did. She just swoops in at the end, sticks her name on it, and prances around like she did something.


The Last First Date was truly a labor of love. There’s nothing I love more than a messy love story, and this one takes the cake when it comes to things going wrong. It also has what The Romance Reviews said, “contains what I can only describe as THE best meeting between a couple in any book ever.”

As part of the Harlequin-E Contemporary Romance boxed set, The Last First Date was a recommended read on the USA Today Happily Ever After blog, and is now available as a single title release.

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