Monday Mayhem – Pinkeye

I brought back a souvenir from Denver – pinkeye!

I thought I’d share a pinkeye pictorial to show how my week has gone:

By Monday afternoon, I realized it wasn’t just an itchy contact lens, so it began.  Artificial tears, cool compresses, and this nifty improvised pirate patch. Yep.


I woke up on Tuesday looking like prize fighter…

Off to the Urgent Care we went! One prescription for antibiotic drops later, we were home and armed with every Lysol product on the market.

Alas , by Wednesday, Lefty was a goner.

Thursday was more of the same, but by Friday, we saw progress! Less red, but it took a toll on the skin around my eyes. I look like I have a shiner or two.

By Saturday, I could see the whites of my eyes again! Hallelujah! Don’t shoot!


They are still itchy and not quite ‘right’, so I have not attempted a fresh pair of contact lenses yet. Hopefully in the next day or two, all will be back to normal.

Needless to say, eyedrops and icepacks have consumed my week. I did make it through two fabulous audiobooks by Christina Lauren (Love and Other Words and Dating You, Hating You) whilst lolling about being sad and pathetic.

If you need audiobooks to listen to while you loll about, might I suggest LOVE GAME or PLAY FOR KEEPS? Now is a good time to catch up, as I have just sent a finalized version of DOUBLE PLAY to my audiobook publisher for production. Yay! Look for it in late October!

So, yeah, that kept me entertained this week. How has your week been?

5 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Pinkeye”

  1. Very smart not to try contacts yet. They looked so sore. So far has your hubby been out of eye trouble? If so, that Lysol worked wonders.

  2. Windex, stat! Kidding. You look much better. The though of you putting contacts in makes my eyes hurt.

  3. Next time, just bring the OMGs and maple cookies back as souvenirs, okay? 😉 Glad you’re looking/feeling better! Can you believe it’s already been two weeks since we arrived in Denver? C-r-a-z-y. Can’t wait for Double Play!!!

  4. You poor thing! That looked so painful. Forget hubby, I hope Rover is OK! Take it easy and maybe follow some plot bunnies around if you need a distraction.

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