Monday Mayhem – Quite sporty

This may or may not come as a surprise, but I am a sporty girl. After all, I was raised with a half-court basketball court for a backyard. Remember?

It’s Martin Luther King Day here in the States. A day when people dream big. When I was little, I dreamed of being Dorothy Hamill, and every time the winter Olympics roll around, I get all excited again.

You can bet I’ll be glued to the coverage. Even the curling. Hell, especially the curling.

One of the people who proofed by upcoming release, LOVE GAME, was surprised to discover how much I actually knew about sports. I guess she didn’t know I like to cook chicken while looking sportsy.

Or that I ran over three whole miles without anyone chasing me – not once, but twice!

I was raised a Cubs fan, and a Purdue Boilermaker backer. In the course of my life, I’ve been a Central Catholic H.S. Saint (4-time IHSA state football champs!) and an Illinois State Redbird.

I admit I’m certainly not the most athletic person. I may be a bit…vertically challenged, and now I’m just middle aged and lazy. My friend Julie likes to play ALL the sports.


  But even those of us who aren’t stoked to play soccer in a sweaty plastic bubble can be sportsy.

My friend Laurie’s family are all huge Seattle Seahawks fans:

And aside from being a football mom and show-shoer, my pal Michelle sure loves a bull rider bull riding.

Women love sports. I married an Arkansas Razorback fan. He learned to say “Go, Cubs, go!’ and I took on ‘Woo pig! Sooie!’ On my first trip to Arkansas, Fodder offered me a chance to see a musical playing downtown (and you know I love musicals), or a Razorbacks football game.

You should have heard me call those Hogs!

How about you? Are you sporty? Who are your favorites? Did you ever have the dream of being a professional athlete?

6 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Quite sporty”

  1. Favourite. Blog. Post. Ever. This was awesome, Mags! I just love how we have the most important things in common: writing, musicals, peanut butter, and sports. Nothing else matters anyway. 😀

    I always dreamed I’d make it to the Olympics for soccer, or even volleyball, but alas…Maybe if they ever make senior citizen Olympics a thing.

  2. *dances* I made a blog post! I made a blog post! Plus we were walking a marathon when that picture was taken.
    I like being active but I have never been sporty. I do however love football and I’ve been a parent in the stands for years.
    I’ve taken up squash a few times and I do enjoy that….when I can catch my breath!

  3. I have never been what you call sporty. But I’ve always loved to dance. I was in all the musicals in high school and was involved in theatre for over 20 years. Now I enjoy watching the Nationals play baseball. I also will be watching curling, it’s great!

  4. Awww. I smiled at this post too. I thought perhaps our wrestling match would make the list but I am not sure there is photographic evidence. I used to be more sporty. I would play baseball and football with the other kids in my neighborhood. Heck playing softball was part of my early romance with Hubby. Or maybe it was the beer. I do indeed enjoy watching pro football.

  5. I love sports. Especially baseball. Your Cubs broke my Giants heart (I was there, watching it all unravel) but I’m glad they won it all that year.

    I also enjoy other sports. On Saturday, after skiing all day, I went to a hockey game and then yesterday we bought a new (used) raft for our summer whitewater adventures.

  6. I’m probably the least sporty person you know. I do watch football, although I’m conflicted about the violence and head injuries. I do watch racing, although I’m conflicted about the politics. I’ll probably watch some of the Olympics, especially the curling! Happiest Olympic memories are the USA Hockey Team and a friend seeing Dorothy Hamill for the first time. He walked in, said “Who’s that? I think I’m in love,” plunked down in front of the TV and didn’t move for the rest of the night.

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