Monday Mayhem – Randomosity

I have nothing prepared for today’s post, so I’m just going to throw a handful of randomosity at you and hope that something sticks. You ready? Here we go!

1) My husband and I just had a ten minute discussion about geometric theorems which concluded with heartfelt declarations of our utter relief that we don’t have to take Geometry class ever again.

2) I participated in a 5k race on Saturday. I managed to run about 2 1/2 of the 3.1 miles and finished in 37:45. I was happy. 🙂

3) As I type, I am wearing a rather fetching pair of University of Arkansas at Monticello Boll Weevil socks. Fear the weevil!

4) I ate birthday cake today. And chocolate ice cream. Je ne regrette rien.

5) Spring Chickens is now available…everywhere! Tell your friends and be sure to check out this fabulous GoodReads giveaway that starts tomorrow!

The winner of the $20 gift card from last week’s post was Carol. Thanks for your comments and continued support! My readers are the best!

3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Randomosity”

  1. 1. I share that same relief. That and Algebra. *shudder*

    2. Go Mags! I did 37 minutes on the treadmill today, made it to 2 miles. I ran a total of 16 of those minutes, longest stretch being 9 minutes. I’ve lost 8 pounds!

    3. I’m wearing a Dunder Mifflin Paper Company shirt, and some lovely workout pants. And I’m all sweaty. *wink wink*

    4. I had a few bites of a left over mocha milkshake I got on Saturday. It was too frozen though, and not that great.

    5. Yay Spring Chickens. I’ve got one copy already (kindle). Just waiting on my paperback. And I’ve added it to my “to be read” shelf.

    Congrats Carol!

  2. Thanks, Mags. Maybe you’ve got the best readers because that’s what the best writers deserve!

    1. Numbers in any form terrify me. When someone walks up to the desk and asks, “Are you good with math?” I cringe and scurry to find someone else for them.

    2. I fell asleep on the couch while watching “Mythbusters.”

    3. I have on a brown hooded sweatshirt that is so old I have no memory of its origins, but I have a feeling it pre-dates my daughter, and she turns 28 in 19 days.

    4. It’s finals week at school, and we set snacks out in front of the library. Yesterday I had a chocolate-filled Twinkie. I highly recommend them.

    5. I have 2 library books that are on a wait-list,so I have to finish them before I can fly to Spring Chickens. I can’t wait to visit with Lynne and Bram!

    Again, THANKS!

  3. Terrific post! When you have nothing to say, you can really crank out the ideas! But why, oh why, did you bring up geometric theorems? Now I’m going to have daymares. I can’t wait to read Spring Chickens.

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