Monday Mayhem – Retreat to advance

What I’ve been working on: I don’t know what to say. My alter ego has taken over my life. She gets all the bragging rights.

What’s running around in the back of my mind: Shel and Josh from Containment are starting to whisper to me again (thank goodness). I’m trying to be cool and play it coy, but if they stick around I may work on them as my NaNoWriMo project.

What I’ve accomplished: The good news is I signed a contract to publish Jump Into Love with Harlequin-E! The other news (not necessarily bad) is that Maggie stole it from Margaret and made the darn thing all sexy and stuff. What can I say? Split personalities can be vicious.

What new goal I’m chasing: I’m trying to build momentum on my daily word counts in preparation for NaNoWriMo.

What I saw: Inspiration


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  1. So, so happy for you about the Harlequin contract! And this is awesome news re. Containment, but I’ll try to ‘contain’ my excitement. 😉 For the first time since I became an official author, I wrote a story that’s over ten thousand words. That may not be a big accomplishment to some people, but to me it’s huge and I’m really proud of it. 🙂 Inspiration is essential!

  2. Yay for inspiration for Shel. Yay to Maggie for Jump! Can’t wait. As for me.

    What I’ve been working on: Riding my bike again (most days)
    What’s running in the back of my mind: When I will ride today.
    What I’ve accomplished: I rode 15 miles in an hour the other day.
    What new goal I am chasing: Keeping up the bike momentum and increasing my time and distance (again)
    Inspiration: The scale moving down a wee bit.

    See what I did there?

  3. Such wonderful news that Harlequin came calling! About time, if you ask me. Tell Maggie… um, you, uh — Congrats to you both!

    Your inspiration picture looks beautiful. Don’t know how you got any work done in such a lovely place!

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