Monday Mayhem – Revisiting old friends

This week I spend a bit of time with some old friends. Remember Lynne Prescott and Bram Hatchett from Spring Chickens? Well, I just finished the first round of edits on the revised manuscript, and I have to admit, I still love these two. It was great spending time with them again.

The second edition will be all scrubbed up, repackaged with a new cover (thank goodness), and available in January 2015.


Along with the change to standard time, NaNoWriMo started this weekend. I’m about 4.5k into a new story I’m calling Bossy Pants. Wish me luck!


The Ethridge Estate was attacked by a T-Rex Halloween night. Thankfully, only the candy bowl was destroyed.


Lastly, we’re being held hostage by our animals. I think we may end up just abdicating and leaving them the house. If any has a lead on new place….

Tim beSherlock

What’s happening in your world this November?

4 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Revisiting old friends”

  1. I like the picture you used to talk about Bram and Lynne. It totally suits them and it made me smile.
    So far I started November with a pedicure day with my friend. I went fall colors. I already have a big holiday boutique to go to in mid November and my monthly Bunco evening. (Will I retain my title? Say tuned.) Thanksgiving will be at my brother and Sister in Law’s house and I just found out that my husband’s team (Seahawks) and my bro’s family’s team (49ers) play that day. Now that ought to be interesting.
    I’m sure more things will be added as the month continues.

  2. I love the Lynne and Bram pic too! Can’t wait to read their love story all over again. 🙂

    You’re off to an awesome start for NaNo, and I’m right there with ya! I think if I just keep plugging away at it every day, without putting any pressure on myself to achieve the exact NaNo goal, that I might just get there anyway…or pretty darn close. Here’s hoping!

    I will happily bunnysit Tim for a week or two. Send him over. 😉

    November for me will be filled with writing, teaching, and exercising. I’m trying to push myself a little harder now that my injury has really started to heal. My MRI is on the 25th, and I hope I’ll get some good news then–that I’m long on my way toward recovering. I ate all my Halloween candy this weekend so it’s gone and out of my sight. Now that I’m not distracted by sugar, I might be able to find myself a nice man friend too.

    Happy Monday, and happy birth month! 😀

  3. I love Bram and Lynne! Looking forward to the revised edition.

    My November is already two packed. Most of my time seems to be getting ready for my church’s annual bazaar. Made over 300 sausage rolls yesterday. Working on finishing some sewing for our handmades booth. Then setting up and being there the whole day.

    But before that, I’ll be arranging a reception for a long time friend’s funeral.

    Then Thanksgiving weekend, I’m planning on doing a whole lot of nothing.

  4. Can’t wait for Bram & Lynne, version 2.0! You know how much I love them. The original cover…maybe not so much! Good luck with the November writing. May each day’s 1,666 words all be golden ones. (And that T-Rex can come attack my house anytime!)

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