Monday Mayhem – Run away! Run away!

I retreated this weekend. Grabbed my coconuts and took off as fast as I could. But, instead of running from the plot bunnies that had been chasing me, I took them with me to the Diamond State Romance Authors writing retreat.

I planned to take a lot of pictures, but, being me, I left my camera on the coffee table at home. Luckily, Brinda Berry – hostess with the mostest and retreat planner extraordinaire – posted some on her blog. Check this place out! Yes, it was every bit as fabulous as it looks.

I also thought I’d write a blog post about the experience, but my fellow loft dweller, Megan Mitcham, posted this write up on the DSRA blog this morning.

Whew! My work here is done!

What’s that? You want to know more? Okay, fine, I’ll do the work… Here’s how this went down:

On my way through Conway, I picked up my road trip buddy, Voirey Linger, and we took off for the hills. I didn’t scream (much) as we twisted and turned our way up into the Ozarks, and my feisty little car handled like a champ. We arrived in beautiful Ponca, Arkansas in time to horn in on the first of seven two-hour writing blocks scheduled.

I set up camp in an Adirondack chair on this fabulous second-story screened porch.







When it grew too chilly and dark on the porch, I shared these comfy couches in the loft seating area with Brinda.








On Friday, I managed to clock a total of 3,809 words. By Saturday, we were well into the swing of things. I finished one short story and started another, hitting 7,263 words by the end of the final writing block. Woot! I was stoked. Been a long time since I was able to put up big numbers. It felt good.

Between blocks, we stretched our stiff joints by strolling along the deck or creek, and our stomachs by trolling the snacks in the kitchen. We counted helpless giggles as out weekend abs workout, and adopted a few select euphemisms as the key words of the weekend. I’d share them but…yeah. Look at this group of degenerates – do you really want to know?








Overall, it was a fabulous experience in a gorgeous setting. What could be more exhilarating for a writer than setting the plot bunnies free in the woods?

It’s your turn to share now. How was your weekend?

5 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Run away! Run away!”

  1. It’s such a beautiful, inspiring setting. No wonder you wrote like a champ! Btw, in case I haven’t said this enough, I’m so proud of you! It must feel amazing to get so much accomplished in one weekend. Also, most importantly, I think the ‘Awesome’ t-shirt was the perfect choice! 😀

    My weekend was great! I spent some quality time with my family, ate a ton of amazing food, read a lot, wrote a little (hey, I tried), and enjoyed the sunshine. I’m trying desperately to retain a tiny bit of my tan as proof that I actually left this tundra country.

  2. It’s all becoming clear to me finally. You’re actually an advanced A.I. word processing machine, wrapped up in a cute and spunky exterior. No way can a mere human write at the rate you do. Hell, I’m not even sure I can read as fast as you write. And then, just to add insult to injury, you do it so well! Glad you had an enjoyable and productive weekend, though. Hey, while you’re throwing the words around, let me whisper one more tiny idea into your ear: Slip.

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