Monday Mayhem – Special Guest Star…Jennifer Anderson!

Today, I’m excited to have my pal, Jennifer Anderson back on my blog! She’s always a hoot to have around. 🙂 I sent her a list of random questions. Just wait until you read some of her answers!!!

Heeeeeere’s Jenny! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)


I have to start out by telling you lovely folks how the Faboulous Ms. Mags and I met. Before I attended #RAGT and received my first TMP contract, a blogger friend suggested a book by Maggie Wells (Seducing Steve) and I was so bummed she wasn’t there that year. Over the course of the year, we fell in love over email, Twitter and FaceBook and the following year, when I was knocked-up with kidlet #3, we met and it was like the Fourth of July! I love this woman and continue to be thankful for her friendship and continued support. **She really means it about the support. I was the one holding the preggo steady while she was standing on a chair for a group photo. She’s a nutjob, but she’s my nutjob and I like her just fine. 🙂

*smacks hands* Alright, let’s get this show on the road…

Describe yourself in three words.  Impatient, motherly, clever

Any nicknames?  Mom, You, Jen, and by my close friends, Bitch

What was your favourite Christmas present?  I do recall be overly joyed when I received my first Cabbage Patch Kid, but more recently, my husband had made for me a necklace with my birthstone, my daughter’s and my grandmother’s, who passed away that same year.

What’s your dirtiest secret?  I pee in the shower! *dies* But I think it started when I was pregnant and having to go all the time and unable to move very quickly. I promise, I only do it alone (boring) and never in the bath!

In your opinion, what’s the most important part of the sandwich? The bread. I mean, yes, I love meat and cheese, but if the bread sucks, why bother. #GoTeamJimmyJohns

As authors we tend to have to research many bizarre and unusual topics. What’s the strangest thing you’ve Googled research-wise? I recently finished writing a New Adult about a girl off to college and she sells sex toys. While I’m familiar with the industry and even attended one of those house parties, I still needed more information. But I have to say, it was one of my favorite research assignments!

What was your favourite childhood toy?  My purple bike with a flowered banana seat and white basket. I don’t recall where I got it and it was used but man, I loved that bike! That was back in the day when you’d leave first thing in the morning and not return until you were called. And by called, I don’t mean on the phone!

Share your favourite word or phrase with us. Right now, my 3-year old says “Sure thing”. Not sure where she got it (I blame TV) but I find myself using it all the time. I’m also a fan of awesomepants!

Do you believe in love at first sight?  Absolutely! But I think it’s more of a physical attraction but that can certainly bloom into the type of love you read about! I mean, I think you have to be physically attracted to the one you love.

What writing accomplishment are you most proud of and why? I haven’t won any awards and that’s okay, because I’m good, smart enough and gosh darn it, people like me! But seriously, for me, it’s goal of getting published and to make it sweeter, my husband reading my book and then telling me how surprised he was by how good it was. There was also the time my beta reader told me she got teary when she read Ice Princess. Sick, maybe, but nice to hear!

If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose? The year my grandmother passed. I would be more aware of her and how she was feeling. Because she knew she wasn’t well and hid it from her family and if I could have lengthened her life for 6 more months, or even a year, I would have been happy. I know this seems selfish, considering she knew she was sick and I should respect her wishes, but she was such a big influence on me that having her gone leaves me a little empty at times. She was my best friend.

 What’s the funniest/weirdest/dirtiest status message you’ve posted on a social networking site? Friends don’t let friends drink and show their muffs.


Quick and dirty:

Cake or pie? A sliver of both

Jocks or nerds? a sliver of both

Coke or Pepsi? COKE

Boxers or briefs? A sliver of both

Poolside or beach?  poolside

Pancakes or waffles? pancakes

Baked or fried?  Baked but my alter ego insists on fried!


Aaaaaand, last but not least, tell us about your new book!

 Finding You - Jennifer Anderson

Finding You, a New Adult novel

Jessica Crispin sets out to find her mom but discovers more than she planned.


A long-lost grandfather dies, leaving Jessica Crispin a sizable inheritance. The only catch? She has to find her mom, whom she hasn’t seen since she was two, and she only has thirty days to do it.

Enlisting her best friend Violet, Jessica sets out on a road trip determined to solve a mystery fed by deceit and misinformation from people she thought she could trust.

On the way, she meets Jackson, whose kindness and sexy pale blue eyes make her wish he would come along for the ride.

Clues from her mother lead her far from home and to a secret Jessica never imagined. And as the deadline looms, Jessica must make peace with the ghosts of her past and risk dreaming of a future pursuing her secret passion with Jackson by her side.


Website  /  Facebook  /  Twitter

About Jennifer:

Ref, chauffer, master chef and booboo kisser. When I’m not wielding my super mom powers, I like to weave sentences together and offer a little escape to my readers. You can usually find me sitting in the dark in front of my computer, falling in love with my characters. Send chocolate!

Additional Books by Jennifer Anderson:

Ice Princess

Prince Charming

Queen Mean

King of the Lake


My Brother’s Wedding

15 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Special Guest Star…Jennifer Anderson!”

  1. Oh, Jennifer, thank you for starting my day with a laugh. You’re hilarious! I feel so much closer to you now that I know you pee in the shower. lol. Yes, I’ve been guilty of that a time or two myself. 😀 Speaking of releases, your new book sounds fabulous! Best of luck with it!

    1. The part of waking up…is Mags in your bed! Ha! Thank you so much for saving me! I love you all! This was so much fun and thank you for your kind words. Finding You is the project you really put a bit of yourself in, shake it up and see what happens. *preens* They like me, they really like me!

  2. Welcome Jennifer. I can totally relate to your favorite toy. I had a blue Schwinn bike. It too had a banana seat. I remember taking off and being gone all day too. My Grandmother (who lived with us) would stand on the porch and yell, Lauuuuuurieeeeeeeeeeee. (in her Italian accent). I never did not hear her. LOL. Loved the rest of your answers as well. Best of luck on your new release.

  3. Wonderful blog–nice way to start the day–and terrific teaser for it! Congrats, ladies!

  4. OMGosh, Margaret you are so funny! I loved how you commissioned us to come visit with you and Jennifer Anderson. And yes, I’d pay ransom for Jennifer!!!

    Jennifer, I loved this interview! Although I have to say—your dirtiest secret—I’d never have the guts to admit it publicly. You are VERY BRAVE!
    Wait! I wasn’t inadvertently admitting I do the same! I swear…YOU MUST BELIEVE ME! 🙂
    Love you, babe! MUAH!

  5. I love that you pee in the shower and you told the world about it! I do, too! No, wait, I DID not say that! I will pay a ransom of chocolates and margaritas to get Jennifer back!

  6. Oooh, a nice offer, Morgan, but you obviously don’t know my true weaknesses. I bet Kim and a few other of the TMPers could give you a hint, though.

  7. I’m a Route44 Diet Dr Pepper gal.

    Great interview — can I steal some of your choice questions for my Writer Wednesday feature? I brainstormed a bunch, but I like “Coke or Pepsi.” Didn’t thin of that one.

  8. Arlene, Don’t tell Kim, but I’m actually cutting back. Sucks to get old. Oh, and steal away, my friend!

    Rt. 44 Diet Coke is indeed the currency in which I trade. I also work for Cheez-Its. Okay, you all win, I will release Jennifer back into the wild at the end of the day.

    1. You ladies are all wonderful! But I have to admit, I’ll be a Mags hostage any day! Now, if only I could snag a few minutes from her when she drives through town, I might be able to hold her for a bit!

      Until then send all the ritas, diet cokes, pretsel M&Ms, and Cheeze-its, diet be damned!

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