Monday Mayhem – Sunday report

Saturday morning I told Fodder that I felt like the summer was passing us by and that I needed to do something summerish.  I then informed him that he was taking me to the lake. So, yesterday morning we piled into the little red car and headed south in I-30. You may not know this, but Arkansas isn’t known as The Natural State because we all run around naked all time.

That’s only part of it.

I have to tell you, this state is beautiful. We have some of the most beautiful, unspoiled land in the country.  We also have some awesome state parks. So, without further ado:

How I spent my Sunday

By Margaret Ethridge

We headed down to Lake Catherine State Park just outside of Hot Springs. There, we sunned, swam, ate peanut butter sandwiches with potato chips, and raided the gift shop for trinkets. I don’t allow cameras near bathing suits, but here’s a pic of where we were:

lake catherine state park camping

After we baked for a couple of hours, we hit the Sonic Drive-In for ice cream cones and headed home. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the world’s cutest grandbaby. After a round of oohing and cooing, the young master and I settled in for a Sunday afternoon nap.


We must have looked cute because the man offered to grill chipotle-marinated chicken for dinner. We chopped that yumminess to bits, added cheese, warmed some chips and called our masterpiece “nachos.” Clever, huh? I even sweetened the pot by throwing together some banana pudding for dessert.


So that was my day yesterday. How about you? How did you spend your Sunday?

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  1. How I Spent My Sunday, by Evelyn Jules

    I ate peanut butter and marshmallow fluff on toast
    I drove for 2.5 hours and only swore twice at fellow drivers
    I ate a delicious salmon sandwich, followed by strawberry shortcake
    I hugged the people who created me (several times)
    I had a nap
    I ate some chips and watched a bit of Nascar racing, and Ryan Newman, #12 (Yeah 12!) won the Brickyard!
    I ate barbecued pork chops and apple sauce and potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner and my pork chop was the burntest one. Yes, burntest is a word.
    I talked to my girls

    The End 🙂

  2. I worked for two hours instead of the four that had been planned
    I came home and watched tv and played with the rugrat
    I got a pedicure and leg/feet massage (yay for a not busy Sunday at the salon because she spend extra time)
    I also chatted with my girls
    I watched all my shows on tv. (Sunday viewing is surprisingly full) and played some more.

  3. How did I spend my Sunday? The same way I spent my Saturday, which was packing up my daughter and SIL’s apartment for about 10 hours each day. I got to to to 2 different Lowe’s for packing boxes. I sweat a lot. I ticked off their cat, who did not like the fact that (1) I was there, and (2) I felt the need to occasionally walk past her. And even though I have now packed up 3 different libraries for moving, those experiences were just a warm-up for the books I tackled yesterday in this 1,000 square foot apartment. I now see I was an enabler for my daughter’s book addiction. “Mommy, can I have a book?” How many times did I say, “Of course, Sweetie! Pick out a book!” never realizing It would one day lead to an apartment lined with bookcases. Take my advice with the cutie-patootie grandson, say no to books! It starts out so innocently with Goodnight Moon and ends up with leather-bound art books and 3 different editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and every gaming book known to man! And they all weigh 5 lbs. apiece!

    And doing that meant that I did not watch the Brickyard live, which means, Evelyn, I didn’t know that Ryan in the 39 car won until much later in the evening. Hate to burst your 12 bubble, but that’s his number. It had Smurfs on it yesterday, although I noticed he did not thank them in victory lane. I know these things, because just like Ryan and his car owner, Tony Stewart, I am a native Hoosier.

    Arkansas looks beautiful, by the way. And does the banana pudding have a smiley face on it? Or am I still suffering from book packing exhaustion?

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