Monday Mayhem – The Best Laid Plans


I’ve got ’em! I love ’em. Plans, goals, aspirations, hopes and dreams…Over the years I have purchased an assortment of lovely paper planners to write them in, too.

And so sad that I never use them.

It’s that time of year again…

December means my social media feeds are full of photos my planner friends have taken of their new toys. And they are beautiful. Spiral, ring, or perfect bound. Covers made of leather or emblazoned with inspirational messages. Washi tape. Stickers…

My covetous little heart hammers each time I see one. I run to the planner website and gaze at the photo insets of interior pages, drooling over:

  • Bullet Journals
  • Goal setting
  • Daily routines
  • To Do lists
  • Morning and evening reflections

See what I did there with the bullets and all? *le sigh*

But I don’t click. Why?

Because when it comes to paper planners, I am Meat Loaf.

I want them.

I need them.

But there ain’t no way I’m ever going to use them.


Still, I can admire them from afar.

Are you a planner person? I have a friend who will only use Erin Condren planners. Another was showing off her 2019 #PowerSheets, which, I admit, tempted me greatly. Last year, I bought not one, but two of the Blue Sky planners a co-worker swore by. In different sizes, you know – one for desk, one for bag. I never made it past January.

I’m not anti-scheduling. I use electronic calendars faithfully. Lord knows, I love a good deadline. It’s just the thought of messing up my beautiful planner with mistakes stops me in my tracks. And yes, I have erasable friction pens in every color.

Perfectionism is a disease, my friends.

How about you? Do you keep a planner or journal?

5 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – The Best Laid Plans”

  1. 😀 You killed me with the Meat Loaf bit. Yeah, I kind of have this fear of the P word. I want to be more organized, I really do. I want to have a reason to use more stickers. I want to not be afraid of the P word. I want to listen to more Meat Loaf…

  2. Live by my Apple calendar in my phone. I put everything in there. I would be totally lost if there was a computer glitch and I lost everything. I panicked once when there was a computer update and all the entries got lost. Luckily Apple support folks got everything back. Crazy how we live our lives by the calendar.

  3. I am not an electronic type of gal. Everything gets put on a post-it. And then…I just realized this…the really important ones get stuck inside my phone case, so I can’t miss them. Hee, too bad there’s no way to skip the post-it stage and just use my phone for the reminders, huh? Somebody should invent something like that. (Also, I just featured Meat Loaf myself. Great minds, I guess!)

  4. I looove my paper planner. I use a Happy Planner because I like the disc system. I can move pages around however I want! I am ashamed to admit how much money I have spent on accessories and stickers for my planners, but I use them! The stickers actually keep me using it regularly, because decorating my pages every week is fun and I enjoy doing it. I think if it was a boring planner I just wouldn’t be as into it.

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