Monday Mayhem – The heart of the matter

Welcome 2017! I’m making an effort to start the new year off with positivity. So far, it’s been pretty easy since I’ve been in my favorite place (home), with my favorite person (Fodder), doing my favorite things (a little writing, a little reading, making some chicken salad, taking a nap). I’m really good at napping. And, as my new author shots prove, hanging off lamp posts:

2017 marks my fifth year of blogging. Yep. If you check the sidebar, you will see that I type the truth. The archive dates back to January 2012.

It’s pretty much been five years of my checking in once a week or so and babbling at you. Well, I plan to continue to do so, but I do think I’m going to make a couple of minor tweaks. I still plan to let you know what I’ve been up to over the course of the week, share writing news, and dish out a little personal TMI, but I want to try to make my posts more topical.

2016 was a year of upheaval for me and for many people I know. Like many, I turned inward. I spent a good deal more time in introspection, trying to sort out what’s important to me, and how I plan to proceed in the midst of the social-political chaos that’s swirls around us now.

In the coming months, you’ll probably hear more from me on more serious topics than those we’ve discussed before. These are the bits of me that have been stealthily weaving their threads into my stories without me really realizing it.

I’ve stopped telling people that I write contemporary romance with a lot of kissing and stuff. Of course, I do, but that’s not what I think is at the heart of my stories anymore. You’ll probably be hearing a lot from me about my ‘core story’ in the coming months. By core story, I mean the common themes that you, as a reader, can expect to find in any Margaret Ethridge/Maggie Wells novel.


But before I start telling you what I think they are, I’d be curious to know what your expectations are when you open one of my books. I’m not looking for flattery (though I am open to it), just your initial reaction/expectation when you hear that I have a new book available.

I look forward hearing what you have to say, as well as sharing my thoughts with you, but for now, I hope that your 2016 at least had a happy ending, and here’s to a passel more happily ever after in 2017 and beyond!

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  1. I come to expect intelligent, sometimes flawed, people with mileage under their belts. I don’t need to read about perfect people. Here’s to a great 2017.

  2. I look forward to reading a good story with a romantic side to it. Here’s to a great new year with many more stories from you!

  3. When I open a Maggie Wells book, I expect there will be a lot of laughs. I expect honest characters who are easy to relate to, who have experienced the ups and downs of life. They aren’t perfect, but they’re perfect in their imperfectness. I expect dialogue that’s at times rapid-fire and witty, and other times it makes you think and stays with you long after you put the book down. I expect romance that sparks and sizzles. It’s all about the build-up, the chemistry…the unexpected love that blossoms between characters who seem all wrong for each other. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of your characters hanging off lamp posts. I think that’s a really good look. 🙂

    Happy 2017, my friend, and may it be a productive and successful one for you!

    1. Whoa. Leave it to Jewels to put in the tall order. I’m just a short girl, but I’ll do my best to meet your expectations! <3

  4. First of all, what a fabulous picture of you at the lamp post. It is great. You look great!
    When I read your books I can count on funny but not silly banter. It is way more intelligent than some of ridiculous supposed adult conversations I have read by other authors. It is not forced.

    I need smart intelligent heroines and a Maggie Wells book delivers. I love that your men often have glasses or nerdy personalities and not really the “bad ass, I’m a dick ,so I am way cool” dudes that totally turn me off.
    Interesting to see where you end up going. It is good to try new things so kudos for you if you change up your tag line of kissing and stuff.

  5. When I begin one of your books, I suspect that the main characters will fall in love by the end, but I KNOW I’ll be in love with them long before the last page. Your characters are always down to earth and believable, with real conflicts and flaws. They always prove to be loyal to their friends or to their beliefs. I know that I may read some pages with tears in my eyes, but I’ll also laugh a lot. You’ve always been the queen of writing witty banter and that’s never faded. I think that you’re really good at creating a setting, too, because usually by the end of the story I wish I could go visit wherever the characters live. So in short, by the end of one of your books, I know I’ll have at least two more (fictional) friends and another potential vacation spot. Plus I’ll be happy and contented the way you are at the end of a really good story, because you always tell a really good story.

    1. Thank you, Carol! A HEA is always guaranteed with me, but it may not be the traditional love relationship we’ve come to expect. I appreciate your support and encouragement!

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