Monday Mayhem – The Margaret Shuffle

I updated my iPod this weekend. I know, I know…alert the media. But, it’s an anomaly in my life, trust me.

I acquired some new-to-me music thanks to my friend Julie and the good folks at iTunes. As a matter of fact, it seems every song I’ve added lately is thanks to Julie. Of course, I take her advice. She’s young and hot, and I don’t really think she’s trying to brainwash me or anything. Much. I’m sure she just thought I might really enjoy ‘Hey Julie’ by Fountains of Wayne. And she was right. I do.


This weekend’s discovery was Caro Emerald and her fabulous song ‘Back It Up’.


I love it, but I have to admit I’m a little afraid Julie’s getting into my head. I just tried to spell color with a U. Those Canadians are sneaky. First they seduce you with Clodhoppers then they take over your iPod. Soon it will be all Rush all the time!

My iPod is a weird and wonderful place, but I need to shake it up before Julie takes over entirely. I thought I’d share the next ten songs to pop up on my iPod’s shuffle then you can tell me what you’re listening to, and maybe we can move forward without calling in a deprogrammer.

The Point of No Return ~ Phantom of the Opera Original Soundtrack
A Million Miles Away ~ The Plimsouls
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) ~ Pink
How to Dream ~ Sam Phillips
Everyday I Write the Book ~ Elvis Costello
The Air That I Breathe ~ The Hollies
Where or When ~ Harry Connick, Jr.
So in Love ~ k.d. lang
Blue Bayou ~ Roy Orbison
Something Stupid ~ Glee Cast

What about you? Are you listening to anything new and interesting? How about old and awesome?

4 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – The Margaret Shuffle”

  1. You should see the huge grin on my face right now. Looks kinda like this: 😀 I love every song on your playlist! I think you have fabulous taste. If I had an iPod my list would probably be very similar. But we’d have to toss in a little Harry Nilsson and a lot of Jann Arden. Oh, and Scissor Sisters. And Sting. And Bryan Adams. And Elton. And Michael Bolton….

  2. When you are really feeling adventurous, youtube “Flashlight” by Parliament for awesome, classic old school from the seventies. Don’t forget to turn up the volume.

  3. Haha, my itunes is about 95% The Cure, with the other 5% Depeche Mode/New Order/Joy Division and then some random Lady Gaga and Tegan and Sara and some other one off stuff. But that’s for my phone.

    My real MP3 player has lots more stuff, including a whole playlist of just Christmas music. And one for *ssh*country music*ssh* (don’t tell anyone that!).

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