Monday Mayhem – Too much time on my hands

Okay, I admit it, I am not good at living a life without structure. Given too much time on my hands, I tend to do…nothing.

Shocking, I know.

It seems counter-intuitive. I always thought that if only I didn’t have to work that full-time job, I could crank out a book a week. Okay, maybe not a book a week, but you know what I mean. I thought I didn’t have enough time to work on my writing because that pesky job kept getting in the way.

Turns out, I had all time I needed.

I’ve had exactly the right amount of time (for me) all along. I have a limit to how much creativity my brain can export in a day. It’s about a 2-3 hours. Huh. Who knew? Yes, I can spend additional hours doing writing-related tasks such as editing, creating promo materials, etc., but actual words on the page? Yeah, I’ve only got a couple hours in me.

I know I can (and have done) more than that on occasion, but I’m talking about writing as a daily habit.  Lesson learned.

I started a part-time consulting gig this week. Not only am I making a little money, but it turns out, it’s been a boon to my productivity as a writer. I’ve produced more words this week than in the previous five weeks. It also allows me flexible scheduling, and a late start, so I can maintain my morning workout/wellness program. Bonus!

With this new focus in place, I’ve managed to complete the first round of revisions (with the help of my fab crit partner, Julie Evelyn Joyce) on DOUBLE PLAY (Love Games #3), and have submitted the complete manuscript to my editor, Gilly, for review. I’ve also have some preliminary cover art. Want a peek?

Double Play Cover

LOVE GAME is still on sale at Amazon, so be sure to tell all of your friends!

I’m off to work now…after Sally and I have a little snuggle, that is. Happy Monday, my friends!

4 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Too much time on my hands”

  1. You know the balance that works for you which is what it is all about. I’m excited for Double Play. Can’t wait to trad it. Love the cover art.

  2. I think people who retire experience the same phenomenon. Glad you found your balance and a consultant gig.

  3. And now you know my dilemma every time I’m on summer break. I always feel like, this is it, now I finally have time to do ALL THE THINGS. But it never works out that way. However, this summer I have a book to get ready to be published, so goals will be met and I will be a good writer girl!

    I adore that cover, and you know how much I love what’s inside the book, too. Can’t wait to have a copy of my own! 🙂

  4. Am I the only one singing this? I guess we know what’s going to be stuck in my head all day. Also, you’ve crushed one of my core beliefs, which is OF COURSE you can write one book a week. What do you mean you can’t? Are you trying to kill me? Oh, OK. Take your time. Take TWO weeks. I’ll adapt. (Congrats on the new gig. Hope it’s perfect for you!)

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