Monday Mayhem – Tombstone Edition

Fodder and I have some interesting conversations while riding in the car. Just last week I promised him I’d try to work the word ‘cocksmith’ into his eulogy. That led to a discussion on what we would have engraved on a tombstone. Here’s what I settled on for the love of my life:

Here lies Mr. Mags – beloved husband, father, and one damn fine piece of ass.

He was pleased.

What do you want on your tombstone? Tickle my funny bone and you might just win a little prize. Ready? Go!

One Reply to “Monday Mayhem – Tombstone Edition”

  1. That is one damn fine eulogy. I think mine will go a little something like this….

    Here lies J to the U to the L I IzzEEE. She made us laugh, she made us cry (because of the laughing), and she made us realize the power of positivity. It was too bad about that whole peanut butter shortage.

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