Monday Mayhem – Vacation…all I ever wanted

We got away this weekend! My company took a long holiday weekend, so Fodder and I ran away to the river. We found an adorable AirBNB on the edge of the Buffalo National Forest just big enough for Fodder, me, and our master, Sally.

Relaxing front porch

We’d never taken Sally with us on a trip, so it was an experience for all of us. But look at this happy face:

We had a lovey, relaxing weekend. Our little cabin in the woods was perfection. Sally swam with us, we ate BBQ, built a little fire in the fire pit, and generally kicked back. We even had a bit time to just Netflix and chill.

All in all, it was just what we needed. July is quickly booking up with activities and events, so the timing was excellent. More happy faces:

top pics taken at scenic overlook, Marshall, AR. Our favorite selfie spot.
bottom from left: Fodder and Sally testing the waters at Wollum access, and a selfie snapped in a spooky spot in the woods…wooooooo!

How about you? Do you have any travel plans this summer?

5 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Vacation…all I ever wanted”

  1. I’m SO happy you guys ran away to the river for a few days and had such a wonderful time! Those pics are everything! 🙂 I’m hitting up Montreal next week with a pal, then I’m off to Charlotte, NC, and hopefully that’s it for a while ’cause I’ve got a book to write! 😀

  2. That front porch looks heavenly! It sounds like you had a perfect weekend away. I do have some super fun travel plans in a few weeks 🙂

  3. It looks lovely! Glad you had the opportunity to enjoy some days away! Travel plans for us are iffy right now. Our reason for visiting Utah is starting a new job and is therefore unavailable, and Mike’s co-workers have suddenly thrown their work schedule into chaos. Maybe we’ll aim towards fall and see what happens then. As long as I continue to get my allotment of twin time, I’m fine with staying home!

  4. What a wonderful place you got to visit. I’m not going anywhere, but have visitors scheduled for end of July and beginning of September.

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