Monday Mayhem – Venturing forth

It has rained for more than a week. Not a few intermittent showers, either. We’re talking steady, pouring, sometimes torrential rains. While it wasn’t as bad here as it was in southern Arkansas and the northern part of Louisiana, the flash flooding in prone areas was bad enough to make us have to alter our usual routes for a few days.

Those of you who know me know that I’m rather like a kitten when it comes to getting wet. I don’t care much for it. Oh, I kept myself busy with writing in the evenings. Even picked up a few beach-y themed prizes for the FLIP THIS LOVE launch next month:

IMG_1555-1 IMG_1557-1 IMG_1558


But by the end of the week, we were getting restless. So what did we do? We went off to the races!

It’s racing season at OakLawn track in Hot Springs, so we drove down to meet up with some friends to watch the ponies run a muddy track. It was Daffodil Day at the track, so my boyfriend bought me a crown. 🙂


After a day of tossing $2 bets around like we were big money, we headed back to Little Rock for the real big time. A date with a 3 year-old and a giant rodent. Due to the ceaseless rain, my boy’s birthday party had to be moved from the nice little park near their house, to the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese.


We survived. A nap was procured (for him and for me), and now I am back in the chair and past the halfway point on this draft of Ransomed Heart. Oh, and the sun is supposed to make an appearance today. Keep your fingers crossed!


3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Venturing forth”

  1. Didn’t have the rain like you but just enough to postpone some work we are trying to do. Being the California geeks we are we sat and watched the lightning last night from the back porch.

  2. *crosses fingers* We’ve got your rain now. It’s supposed to rain my entire March break. Stupid MN! Ah well. Guess I’ll just sleep more. And eat more. And write more. 😀 Congrats on making it past halfway!

  3. I’ve always hated Chuck E. Cheese with a passion. Years ago, we were invited to meet relatives there for a birthday party, and since we wanted to see them, we went. For some reason, Chuck kept patting my 80-something aunt on her head. She told me, “If that big rat touches me one more time, he’s going to be sorry!” Ha! That’s my favorite memory ever from that dingy place. (Ours was dark and dingy – maybe that’s not the case in Little Rock!) Let’s hope there’s a nice swath of sunshine from AR to IN – I could sure use some too!

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