Monday Mayhem – Well, I, uh…

I don’t have much to say. At this point in the year, I usually recap what I’ve accomplished, note items that were successes or disappointments, and lay out a few goals for the coming year.

But I have nothing to report.

woman staring at typewriter

Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I have barely touched the book that was 2/3 written at the end of 2017. I didn’t write any new words until NaNoWriMo rolled around in November, and those words had nothing to do with the previously written words. Oh, and those words are also nothing remotely resembling a novel.


I remain hopeful. In spite of the burnout, and in the face of an industry that fluctuates from indifference to implosion on a near-daily basis.

I’m still a writer.

I still have 40 completed works under my belt, two in progress, and dozens of ideas left to nurture. I’m just…doing things a little differently these days.

Writing isn’t my life. It’s not who I am at my essence. It’s just something I like to do. But, I used to love doing it. And I want to get back to that place again.

So here I am, looking forward to 2020 armed with nothing more than a battered ego, a dusty keyboard, and a bucket-full of self-awareness. And, hopefully, I’ll get something done.

Oh, and to that end…don’t look for me on Twitter anymore. I have deactivated my accounts. You can find me on Insta @maggiewells1, the book of Face in all the usual spots, and-as always- here. Like Luke Danes, I’m always here.

Luke Danes

Wishing you all the best health and happiness in 2020. Thanks for hanging around with me. <3

3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Well, I, uh…”

  1. I feel a bit like Lorelai when Luke moved, and he said, “What do you care you see me every damn day.” I shall still miss you on Twitter. But I also know that it can be a very toxic place. May the love return because I think you’re great, no fabulous, no mondo-fabulous. Happy 2020

  2. Gosh, it sure is nice to click on a link and see a scruffy Luke staring back at you. I love you and I admire you for your honesty, your resiliency…the fact that even though you haven’t published anything new for a while, you’ve still written FORTY books. That’s so many more than I could ever dream of writing, and I will always be in awe of you for that. I think this new, more self-aware Margaret is gonna take the world by storm in 2020!

  3. You’ve accomplished more than most of us even dream about. Don’t apologize. The rest of us fantasize about being you. Henry learned his ABCs and suddenly all of these other words spilled out of him. It’ll be the same way with you. An idea or a character will prove irresistible and suddenly you’ll be writing it all down faster than you ever have. Until then, we’re content to wait. (And I don’t think I ever really loved any fictional character…until I read your Luke. See? I don’t need to be in the back of a shrink’s car to spill my guts.)

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