Monday Mayhem – Vacation – all I ever wanted…

Vacation – I need to get away…

Later this week, I will be on vacation for a few days. That means I’m scrambling to tie up loose ends at both the day job and on the author gig. I’m not taking any work with me. This time I mean it.

Okay, so I’ll have my laptop. And my thumb drive. I do have a galley to proof…I could convert it and put it on my Kindle…There will probably be some airport time…I could use to write a few paragraphs just to make the wait go faster…I’d really like to finish this bit up by the end of the month and the flight is two hours long…I could get a few hundred words in before beverage service begins…

Yeah. Have I mentioned that I’m a bit of a control freak?

How about you? Have you got this relaxation thing covered, or does downtime make you nervous?

See you next week! (If I don’t spontaneously combust…)

5 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Vacation – all I ever wanted…”

  1. I think I do have the vacation thing down. Helps that I don’t own a laptop … or kindle … or that I do not access the internet on my phone. Plus the people I text will be in the same room with me. So I think I will be good. LOL.

  2. Wow I am on vacation this week too!!!

    Just deciding what I am bringing on my trip. I have me a brand new audio book I am waiting to try out. Outlander! I can’t wait to hear how the words really sound LOL

    There will be some down time I am sure so better to bring it then kick yourself for not bringing it.

    48 hours!!

  3. Vacation, all I ever wanted! Vacation, had to get away! 😀 The only thing I’m worried about is making sure I can cram all my karaoke CDs in my suitcase. Can’t frigging wait to see you!

  4. Why, what a coincidence! I’m going on vacation too! How weird would it be if we all ended up in the same place together?

    I plan on doing nothing except talking a mile a minute and meeting new ‘old’ friends and ‘old’ new friends…Hmmm. That seriously sounded better in my head.

    Can’t wait!

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