Monday Mayhem – Deep Fried Edition

It’s Sunday evening. We’re just home from the state fair. Every thing I have eaten today has been deep fried or smothered in butter.


Welcome to October in the South. This is my true love, turtle funnel cake.

We did visit the Rabbit Exhibition, but did not bring one home with us. While it was wonderful to pet those twitchy little noses and rub soft cheeks, we still miss our TimBunny. It’ll be a year this week, and he’s still the most troublesome pet we’ve ever adored.


I’m enjoying my October downtime, but now that we’ve passed the halfway point in the month, I’m starting to ramp up again. I’m revising book one in The Series Yet to Be Announced, and playing with character worksheets for the project I hope to take on for NaNoWriMo this month.

In the meantime, I’ll be sitting very still, popping Tums like candy.

Happy Monday to you all!


Monday Mayhem – Food for thought

Confession time: I’m not a domestic goddess. I loathe housework. I have no craft/sewing skills at all. And…I’m not a good cook.

Seriously. I not only own this towel, but I have the matching mug.


It isn’t that my food is inedible. It’s just food prepared by someone who’d rather be doing something else. The same can be said for most of my homemaking skills. I do it if I have to, but given an alternative….

Once the kids grew up and moved out, we discovered what lazy slobs we actually are. Fodder and I can live with our own mess for a disturbingly long time. I think this is because our mess is mainly clutter and not actual filth.

At least, that’s what I tell myself.

Writing was once a hobby, but is now a profession. One that leaves me little time for fooling with hot glue guns. I avoid Pintrest as much as humanly possible. I don’t need someone else’s pleasure turning into my frustrating procrastination.


But I’ve been thinking about food a lot lately. Mostly because we’ve hit the end of summer rut-that dreaded time when cooking is out of the question and even a trip to one of our favorite eateries seems like a chore. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat out. When asked my favorite thing to make for dinner, I will answer “reservations” without hesitation.

Unfortunately, eating out is not only expensive, it plays hell with the waistline.

I can come up with a half-dozen plausible reasons for the weight I’ve gained in the last two years, but I know that one of the largest factors has been my refusal to prepare my own food whenever possible.

But I’m slow and miserable and something has to change.

I spent most of Sunday in the kitchen prepping foods that can be easily converted into meals throughout the week. I’m not claiming any of these are low-fat, anti-carb, super-duper diet foods. I’m past self-denial and working more along the lines of control and moderation.

Little compromises.

We started the morning with the dreaded trip to the grocery store and rewarded our fortitude by having meatloaf for dinner. In an effort to make an effort, I used lean ground sirloin, and skipped the oven-roasted potatoes we usually have on the side. While it was baking, I poached chicken breasts to make stock for chicken and dumplings, and enough to experiment with a new chicken salad recipe. I also roasted natural almonds in a bit of olive oil to give them some snap.

I’m hoping the weather breaks in the next few weeks. I love crock pot season.

Don’t worry, I made words between all these activities. And, just so you know I haven’t been body snatched, I’d like to remind you all that we are coming into college football season. That means there’s fresh candy corn in the stores.

Bon appetite!




Monday Mayhem – MOAR!

I can’t come to the blog right now, I’m busy recovering (moping) after the end of a fabulous weekend spent with pals Julie and Laurie. Now that Laurie is just four hours to the north, we are luring our friends to the region with the promise of a two-fer. So far, we’ve scored big with the Canadians in the crowd.

You get MOAR, when you visit MO & AR!


As you can imagine, very little writing was done this weekend, but we did manage to eat our way through central Arkansas.

One of the (many) highlights was having the chance to go to the movies together. We saw Florence Foster Jenkins, which we all enjoyed a great deal.

Tell me, what’s the best thing you’ve seen in the theaters lately?


Monday Mayhem – It’s official!

Did you see it on Facebook? A BOLT FROM THE BLUE is signed, sealed, and slated for April 4, 2017 release! Whoo hoo! Here’s a rough and tumble take on how this book will shake out:

Hope Elliot hadn’t believed in the existence of love at first sight when it struck her on a Paris street a quarter century before, so she sure as hell didn’t think it was possible for lightning to strike twice. And she certainly didn’t expect it to fry all the wiring in her childhood home when it did.

Michael (Mick) McInnes is a Chicago guy through and through. He loves the Bulls and the Bears, but he’s not a fan of suburban snobs who speak with fake accents.

From the moment Mick first touches her, Hope knows the sizzle between the two of them is more than just a current attraction. But the more they expose one another, the impulse to draw blood wanes and the desire surges. Sparks fly as their verbal sparring becomes more intimate. Feeling constrained by the constant scrutiny from her sister and her friends, Hope taps into the rebellious streak that led her to Paris long ago. But this time, her attempt at living la vie boheme lands one masterful Master Electrician in her bed.

I’m super excited to be able to share this third installment in my Worth The Wait Romance series from Kensington/Lyrical Press!

That means you should rush right out and read/review the first two in the series:

three-little-words_maggie-wells-683x1024  A WILL AND A WAY

Okay, you don’t really have to, because they aren’t interwoven, but don’t you want to?

Frankly, I need your help spreading the word about my books and the best way you can give me a hand is to review at your favorite online retailer or GoodReads. The best vehicle for selling books is word of mouth, and your opinions matter in a HUGE way.

It doesn’t have to be a NYT-worth write up. Just an honest review. A few words saying what you liked/didn’t like about the book. That’s it. Every review helps increase my DISCOVERABILITY. And, trust me, I need a big boost.

And I ain’t too proud to beg.

Please, please, please!

I promise to make it easy for you to keep up with the latest Maggie Wells book news. Have you joined my Facebook Reader Group, The Margaritas? Followed my author pages on BookBub or Amazon? Please do! Every click is much appreciated!

Okay. Enough of that.

Thank you.

I’m going back to writing this week. Time to wrap up the next manuscript – the first installment in a series about hot single dads. Stay tuned, my friends!


Monday Mayhem – Going Pro

I’ve decided to turn pro on this weekending thing. I think I have the balance nailed.

Yesterday, I wrote a bit, then went running around town with the man. Came home, napped, edited, then watched the Outlander finale (sigh). After a brief recap with my girl, Lulu, I crawled into bed with one of Mary Balogh’s Survivor’s Club books.

Outlander Season 2 2016

Today, my beloved brought me delicious Diet Coke from Sonic to start the day. Fueled, I went upstairs and cranked out some words. At break time, I went to fetch chicken salad from the deli and a new blow drier, as mine decided to give up on life yesterday. The man and I attempted a nap, but were thwarted by bleating noises from our cellular devices. Kids. They’re never too old to ruin a good snooze.


The afternoon started to cloud over, so the man decided to take the opportunity to do some yard work. I spent the prelude to the storms making more words and heating a chicken enchilada casserole my friends at Stouffer’s prepared for us. As is our after dinner custom, Sally humored us by letting us play with her squeaky chicken whilst she watched tolerantly.  At last, the three of us had a delightful 20 minute doze on the bed in my office.

All in all, a nice weekend. I wish I could do it all over again today, but alas, back to the mines….


How was your weekend? Are you a member of my Facebook reader’s group, The Margaritas? If you aren’t yet, click the link to join. I post all the juicy stuff there first!

How about that new release? A WILL AND A WAY is available now!


I’ll have some good news coming this week. Yay! So be sure to stay tuned!



Monday Mayhem – How about a quickie?

That got your attention…

Just home from a fabulous weekend at the Chicago North RWA Spring Fling! Thanks so much to all the hardworking volunteers and speakers who gave their all to make it an awesome conference. I also want to thank all those who came out to the book signing. I had a blast sharing FLIP THIS LOVE with the world!


Proud to report that I kept up with my daily word count (barely). I also left my room even though I wanted to hide from the stranger danger. As a reward, I got to meet some fabulous people I’ve only chatted with in a virtual world.


I’ll have more to report once I’m caught up with the laundry, but here are some teasers for stuff coming in June: A sale! Another sale! And a new Yankee Candle newsletter giveaway!

In the meantime, check out the bling that was waiting for me when I got home. 🙂




Monday Mayhem – More more more!

Another whirlwind week on deck! Wanna play a game of where’s Margaret?

    1. In case you missed it, I was at Fiction University last week talking about writing mojo and the tricks we writers play on ourselves to make things happen.
    2. I’m at Just Contemporary Romance today and tomorrow talking about the differences between a house and a home.
    3. I have a GoodReads giveaway starting this week! Be sure to enter and to tell all of your friends!
    4. Less than 2 weeks until I terrorize the Northwest Suburbs! I’ll be signing copies of FLIP THIS LOVE at the Chicago North RWA Spring Fling Conference book signing Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 3-5pm at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg. Mark your calendars!



Okay, now that we have that mess out of the way… Hi! How are you? I’m happy to report that things are finally looking up around here. I can’t give any specifics about good things in progress, but let me say I’ll be cranking out plenty of reading material for 2017 and beyond!


Ahem. Thank you, Buzz.

I’ve started a new novel this week. It’s called A BOLT FROM THE BLUE and I’m having a lot of fun writing it. In this book, I’m reimagining the first original character I’d ever developed. Our heroine is a free-spirited former debutante named Hope, and she’s about to give an ultra-grounded electrician named Mick one hell of a jolt.

Oh, and in case you missed it, FLIP THIS LOVE is available and readers are really falling for Harley Cade, rough edges and all! Have you read FLIP THIS LOVE? Please, please, please consider leaving a review at Amazon, GoodRead, iBooks, B&N, or wherever you buy books. Reviews not only give an author feedback, but they provide an excellent marketing tool (See below).

“Before I say anything else, I need to confess that I’m hopelessly in love with Harley Cade. There. I said it.” 

“Harley, Harley, Harley how to describe him well he’s sweet, but at the same time he could be a smarta**”

“Furthermore, the story itself features my favorite kind of hero—a self-made entrepreneur who works with his hands and who treats his mother like a queen.”

“I liked that Harley never gave up on Laney. It’s a true testament to how much she matters to him.”

And my friend Karen made this pretty graphic for me

Nothing draws a magnate like a steel magnolia...

If you blog or use social media, please feel free to grab it (right click and save photo as…) and use it to help share the love!






Monday Mayhem – Ramping up!

April is here! That means it’s almost time for FLIP THIS LOVE!

At last!

Flip FB 2

All month long, I’ll be ramping up to release day. That means you can expect lots of blog posts, giveaways, and tidbits on social media. The fact is, writing the book doesn’t take nearly as long as the editing, packaging, and promoting does.

I received my author copies in the mail a couple weeks ago, and ordered a supply of paper books to have on hand for the book signings. Remember, I’ll be at the Chicago North RWA Spring Fling (May 21st, Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, IL 3-5pm) and the Diamond State Romance Authors 10th anniversary signing at Hastings (Benton, AR) on June 18, 2016.

In the meantime, I’m still making new words for Ransomed Heart. I’m past the 70k mark. That means I’m heading into the last quarter of play. Gotta keep moving!

How about you? How are you ramping up for Spring?