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 The wedding you’ve all been waiting for…

You’ve been cordially invited to the wedding of Gavin Mathis and Lauren Delgado…


Gavin has waited long enough to make Lauren his. He is counting the days until he will stand before his family and friends and pledge his life to hers. For better or worse. Forever.

Lauren is more than ready to say her vows, but with the construction of their new home far behind deadline, she knows there’s only one thing she can do … cancel the honeymoon so she and Gavin can supervise the completion themselves.

Gavin knows arguing with Lauren will get him nowhere. But missed deadlines aren’t worth missing a pleasure-filled week alone with his bride-to-be.

It’s time to take matters into his own hands…

White Collar Wedding

By Parker Kincade

Publication Date: November 18, 2014



Available exclusively at Amazon for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited


Chapter One

Three weeks before the wedding…

“We’re going to have to cancel.”

Gavin held onto his patience by a thread. “Lauren. Be reasonable.”

His bride-to-be spread her arms and twirled in the middle of what should’ve been their new kitchen, if the fucking contractor had done what Gavin paid him a fortune to do.

Lauren laughed with a manic tone Gavin could go the rest of his life without ever hearing again.

“I am being reasonable. How can we leave for our honeymoon when…” She waved her hand to encompass the area. Her beautiful eyes turned glassy with tears.

Son of a…

Gavin wanted to hit something. Lauren wasn’t prone to shed tears over messes and missed deadlines. She shared his no-nonsense approach to business. More than once he’d been in awe of her strength, the steel in her spine as she’d out-maneuvered countless boardrooms of men.

Every woman had her limits. It seemed the business of building their home had caused Lauren to hit hers.

What was supposed to be the happiest time of their lives had turned into a complete nightmare.

He glanced around the room, which was nothing more than a construction zone. The custom cabinets had been installed, leaving gaping holes where the appliances should be. There were no countertops. No trim. No. Goddamn. Sink.

And that was just the kitchen. The master bathroom didn’t have a shower. The guest bedrooms didn’t have flooring. The walls throughout had yet to be painted.

Anger fired his blood. Oh, he was definitely going to hit something—the chubby jaw of the bastard who’d left this shit undone.

“We aren’t canceling our honeymoon.” He’d waited more than twelve years to make this woman his. They were less than a month from making it official. Lauren deserved the wedding of her dreams, which included their honeymoon in Hawaii. He’d be damned if she wouldn’t get it.

Seemed Lauren had other ideas.

“Let me rephrase. It’s done. I called the travel agent this morning.”

“Damn it, Lauren. You should’ve talked to me before you made that decision for both of us.”

“Talking about it wouldn’t have changed the situation, Gavin, and you know it. Look around. Our home is in shambles. We’re scheduled to move in a month. You really think that’s going to happen if we aren’t here every single day to make sure things are getting done?”

Gavin couldn’t help but take her comment personally. He didn’t believe in micro-management. He paid good money to others so he wouldn’t have to. But the fact remained: the ranch kept him so busy these days that he hadn’t done his job to make sure their house was completed on time.

“So we postpone our move-in date. We’ll stay at the cabin a little longer. It’s not the end of the world, and certainly not worth missing out— ”

“No. We need to stay and deal with this mess. We can go on our honeymoon later.”

“With calving season right around the corner? You know I can’t leave my brothers to handle all the work.”

“They handled it themselves all the years you lived in London. You think they couldn’t handle one more?”

Gavin stared at the woman he loved, wondering at what point she’d decided to turn on him.

“That’s not what I meant,” he said slowly. “Clay has his hands full with the new stock coming in over at Ainsley’s. Even with Jared’s help, it’s all Pax and I can do to keep up without Clay. You know we’re hiring more help, but until then, it’s all hands on deck, baby. We’ve talked about this.”

He reached for her and muttered a curse when she stepped away.

“Lauren.” Gavin folded his arms to avoid the urge to reach for her again. “When I came back to Texas, I made a promise—to myself and to my family. I have a responsibility to be here for them.”

Lauren shoved both hands through her hair, leaving behind a mess of shining waves Gavin longed to bury his own fingers in.

She sighed. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I didn’t mean … of course we can’t go away during calving season. But we can’t go away now either. I wouldn’t be able to relax knowing things are such a mess here.”

Gavin was on her before she could retreat. He pulled her into his arms and breathed a sigh of relief when she melted against him. “I can think of a few ways to help you relax.”

“I have no doubt.” She nuzzled his chest. “I know it’s not ideal, but we could spend our wedding night at the beach house. Maybe spend a day or two there?”

He loved his—their—place on Galveston Island. However— “November isn’t the greatest time for swimming in the Gulf.”

“Who said anything about swimming?”

Gavin stroked a hand over her silky hair, struggling for the words to express how precious she was to him. He settled for, “All right, baby. If that’s what you want, that’s what we’ll do.”

He’d find a way to give this woman the moon if she asked for it, but spending what should be their honeymoon fighting with housing contractors was not his idea of a good time.

He had to make this right.

It was time to call in reinforcements.

* * * * *


Author Bio and Links

National Bestselling Author, Parker Kincade, writes edge-of-your-seat-sexy romantic suspense, hot and steamy sports romance, and erotic western romance. Her first novel, One Night Stand, won the 2013 Reader’s Crown Award for Best First Book, the category of Best Erotic Romance in the Celtic Hearts Romance Writers Golden Claddagh contest, and was named finalist in the Romance Writers of America/Passionate Ink Stroke of Midnight contest.

Parker lives in the southern United States. She loves to read, play golf, spend time with her family and friends, snuggle with her beloved boxer, ice cream from the ice cream truck, and watching old musicals.








Weekend Writing Warrior – 11/9/14

As I shared last week, the whole Hot nights in St. Blaise series will be available in a boxed set later this month!


To celebrate, I’m going to share bits and pieces from the series. Here are 8 lines from book #4, Always Miss April:

“It’s official, you’ve made me crazy.”

“Only took an afternoon,” Marilyn said as she sat up and pulled her dress closed over her still heaving chest.

“Plus a few decades,” he muttered.

She sat back in the seat, blowing out an exhausted breath. “I’m not as bendy as I used to be.”

“None of us are,” he grumbled. He shot her a dark glare. “I should arrest myself.”


The tender feelings Sheriff Delavan Cormack has for his lifelong best friend, Marilyn Dumbrowski, are the worst kept secret in a tiny town where everyone knows everyone else’s business.

When Marilyn’s teenage son starts acting out, Del uses his badge and their friendship to force the marriage he has wanted for too damn long. What Del didn’t know was the cool, competent ER nurse and hardworking single mom has been keeping a secret that has her burning red hot day and night.

With everything he dreamed of having in the palm of his hand and so much more than he bargained for happening in the bedroom, Del is faced with figuring out exactly how far he’s willing and able to go when he discovers that the power of his love may not be enough to satisfy the woman he adores.

That’s all for this week, friends! Be sure to check out all of the Weekend Writing Warriors excerpts!


Weekend Writing Warrior – 11/2/14

Guess what, gang? I’m getting boxed!


The whole Hot nights in St. Blaise series will be available in a boxed set later this month! To celebrate, I’m going to share bits and pieces from the series. Here are 8 lines from book #1, Jumping Mr. January:

“I thought you thought I was a dumb jock.”

“Would it have mattered?”

“Mattered to me,” he said, turning to glance at her.

She pursed her lips and studied him for a moment. “Not in the least. I wanted to get in the back seat of that hot Buick you drove.”

He sputtered a laugh and turned onto a lane paved with sparse gravel and packed earth. “The words hot and Buick don’t belong in the same sentence.”


When she pitched the  idea for The Men and Women of St. Blaise Regional Medical Center fundraising calendar to her Board of Directors, Beth Watkins thought she wrote the perfect prescription for the small town hospital’s budget shortfall.The moment she got a green light, Beth went after the man she wanted to be her Mr. January and so much more.

She had no time to waste.

Hunky EMT Robert ‘Spence’ Spencer was leaving for medical school within weeks of the photo shoot she arranged and there was no way on earth Beth was going to miss the chance to sneak a peek at her old high school crush in all his glory.

Focused and dedicated, Spence wants bigger things than his hometown can offer, but when brainy, sexy Beth Watkins breezes into St. Blaise with a plan to get into his pants, he finds she’s the one woman who can offer him something he doesn’t want to refuse.

That’s all for this week, friends! Be sure to check out all of the Weekend Writing Warriors excerpts!


Weekend Writing Warrior – 9/28/14

Had a great time at the Diamond State Romance Authors writing retreat last weekend. Clocked over 8k in three days, and now I am within striking distance of finishing the first draft of Full Court Press! Here are another eight:

Poor Brittany glanced down at the tablet in her lap, obviously trying to find the spot in her notes where she lost the thread. Kate almost felt sorry for the young reporter. Like she did when she pounded a Division II school in the preseason using only her second stringers. True champions showed mercy for the teams they outmatched, but she wasn’t about to trade courtesy baskets with a journalist who so clearly had an agenda of her own.

They’d set up this interview for one reason and one reason only. To give someone with a bigger audience than Jim Davenport the scoop. It was time to stop playing cat and mouse with the poor girl. It was just too bad she’d chosen Kate’s man as a stepping stone.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out all of the Weekend Writing Warriors postings this week. 🙂


Weekend Writing Warrior – 9/14/14

A bit more from Full Court Press this week!

“Well, there goes Millie’s publicity plan.”

Squinting up at the other man, Danny shrugged. “Oh, I bet Kate and I can keep fighting for the cameras.”

“Hard to buy a guy and a girl going at each other if you know they’re getting it on at night.” Mike shoved his hands into his pockets and tossed down another put-upon sigh. “Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King never fell in love.”

Danny barked a laugh. “There were reasons for that.”


I’m perked because I received a couple of fabulous reviews for The Last First Date this week. 5 hearts from Another Look Book Reviews and 5 Lip Bites from Ms Romantic Reads!


Be sure to check out all of my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors!


Weekend Writing Warrior – 9/7/14

I’m back to working on Full Court Press. In this scene our favorite basketball coach gives her football lovin’ man a little encouragement when it comes to sexy times.


He scraped his teeth over the flesh at the base of her thumb and she moaned again.

“That shouldn’t be sexy.” Her back bowed and she undulated against him, a slow circle of her hips that proved her theory wrong.

He nipped at the pad of her little finger then pressed a tender kiss to the afflicted flesh. “Is it?”

“God, yes.” She dragged her free hand up the furrow of his spine, then cupped his nape. “But I need your mouth elsewhere at the moment.”


I hope you liked it! Check out all of this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors and look for my most recent releases at your favorite e-book retailer!

HARLEQUINe_0614_9781460323854_TheLastFirstDate  3D-heatwave-REVISED


It’s release day!

Now you can get The Last First Date as a single title release!


First date number forty-eight comes to a screeching halt for Detective Langley Sheppard when his date lifts a pack of gum from the local convenience store. But things start looking up when he encounters spunky damsel-in-distress Jessica Vickers, who’s stranded in the store parking lot. Now Lang is about to discover that on a night when everything goes wrong, falling for Jessica feels spectacularly right.

The Last First Date was truly a labor of love. There’s nothing I love more than a messy love story, and this one takes the cake when it comes to things going wrong. It also has what The Romance Reviews said, “contains what I can only describe as THE best meeting between a couple in any book ever.”

As part of the Harlequin-E Contemporary Romance boxed set, The Last First Date was a recommended read on the USA Today Happily Ever After blog, and is now available as a single title release.

Get yours here:




All Romance e-Books


Tell your friends!



Weekend Writing Warrior – 8/31/14

Okay! I’m back to work on my WIP – Full Court Press. Here’s a little pillow talk for you:


“This is bad,” she whispered at last.

His heart lunged, but he took a moment to get his synapses in line before he refuted the statement. “I thought it was pretty damn good, but if you’re thinking we can up or game I’m willing to try again.” He forced a weak smile. “You might have to give me about thirty minutes or so, I’m not twenty anymore.”

To his relief, Kate chuckled and turned onto her side to face him, considerately curling her arm so he could maintain his hold on her. “I may need more than thirty after that.”

“Because it was so bad?”


I hope you liked it. Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating the single title release day for The Last First Date! Wooot!


Hope the rest of your Labo(u)r Day weekend is easy and relaxing. Be sure to check out all the posts from my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors!


Weekend Writing Warrior – 8/24/14

I’m still working on the sequel to The Last First Date. Here’s a bit where Jessica compares Lang with the handsome older gentleman who has been wining and dining Lang’s grandmother.


Marcus was all sleek silver hair and smooth edges. The modern-day version of Cary Grant of Gregory Peck. His sleek handsomeness was almost too perfect to be believed, but confidence rolled off him in waves.

Lang, on the other hand, was a mess. Her mess. He’d been almost as immaculately turned out when he showed up at her door that evening. Pride and remorse mingled in her belly as she eyed him now. His suit was rumpled, the white shirt he now wore open at his throat had lost it’s starch, and his necktie trailed from his pocket.


Your input is welcome and most appreciated. I hope to polish the first few chapters and get them sent off on proposal this week!

9781460336274-COV HARLEQUINe_0614_9781460323854_TheLastFirstDate

Be sure to check out the posts from my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors here!


Weekend Writing Warrior – 08/17/14

Here’s a test – is distracted writing dangerous?

Here are 8 sentences I wrote while conversations swirled around me at my local RWA meeting. Since I managed exactly 8, I said I’d post them for my WWW entry. What do you say? Help a distracted writer out?

Gazing up at her from the depths of his pillow, Lang wondered why he ever thought leaving this apartment was a good idea. What could be better than being fed lo mein noodles by a beautiful woman? Jessica still wore his old uniform shirt but, like him, it was completely undone. She straddled him, smiling as she swirled the bamboo chopsticks in the take-out container. Hot pink handcuffs dangled from one wrist as she held a clump of lukewarm noodles over his mouth.


Instead of opening up, he shook his head. “More of you.”


Fingers crossed, this story will turn out to be the sequel to my current Harlequin-E release, The Last First Date. Your input is welcome and most appreciated!

9781460336274-COV HARLEQUINe_0614_9781460323854_TheLastFirstDate

Be sure to check out the posts from my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors here!