Monday Mayhem – All the news

Okay! So this week’s post is all about the news. First, the big news I’ve been hinting at for a month or so:


That’s right, the Warrior series (FULL COURT PRESS, RANSOMED HEART, and TOSSING THE PLAYBOOK) will be available in audio starting with the release of FULL COURT PRESS in December 2017! Read all about it here!


Second, as you know, I re-released the HOT NIGHTS IN ST. BLAISE novellas as a set. You can grab all 12 stories for just $3.99. If you’d like to tempt a friend into trying them out, I’m posting book #1, JUMPING MR. JANUARY on Wattpad as a free read. Chapters 1, 2, & 3 will be available as of this week. Please help me spread the word!


Third, don’t forget that GOING DEEP is on sale for only $0.99. I think the sale ends this week, so tell all of your friends to pick up a copy today. FLIP THIS LOVE will be out in April, and LOVE AND ROCKETS in October. If you haven’t read it, give it a shot – I think you’ll really love the Coastal Heat series!


Whew! That’s a lot going on, isn’t it? Well, it’s not all I have cooking. I’m over 15k into drafting RANSOMED HEART and I have to tell you, I’m loving this story! I’m using the delicious Boris Kodjoe as my inspiration for basketball coach, Ty Ransom. I’ll just leave this here for a minute:

Ty Ransom

Yeah. Uh huh.

You’ll be pleased to know that I was a good girl this past week and got ahead of my goal. Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep the streak going!

What’s new with you?


Monday Mayhem – Top 3 ways of goofing off

I’ve had a pretty high demand week in terms of the day job, which means I haven’t had a lot of energy for the night job. Oh, I’ve been making my daily word count, I barely made the loftier weekly goal I set for myself, but I did. I also found some time to goof off along the way. Here are the top three ways I avoided being productive:

3) I picked up a romance classic. I’ve never read The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, so I’m doing that now. Now, I totally get why this book drew so many authors to the genre.

2) Dating – I suckered my man into taking me out to dinner and the bookstore. We had one of these:


1) The West Wing on Netflix. I loved this show. Unfortunately, when Fodder and I started dating, our nightly phone calls preempted my viewing of shows airing at 9pm. I’m finally going to watch the last couple of episodes.

Don’t worry, little by little, I’m making progress on Ransomed Heart. I’m having a great time getting to know Ty and Millie better. I can’t wait for you to meet them!

Oh, and if you haven’t had a chance to read the Hot Nights in St. Blaise series, I’ve re-released it! Grab your copy here:

stblaisecollection-1 lg

AmazonAppleB&N ~ Kobo ~Smashwords

Annnnnd…Going Deep is on sale for only $0.99! Tell your friends!


All Romance ~ AmazonAppleB&NGoogle ~ Kensington ~ Kobo

Monday Mayhem – Nothing but good things

Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried to focus more on the good things in life than the things that get me down. I think it’s working. Last year, I started doing the notes in a jar. In 2016, I plan to continue that, but I’m also adding the Happier app to my repertoire. It allows me to take pictures and note the happy as it’s happening.

Still, I love my pretty post-its, so I can’t abandon the good old mason jar. I opened my 2015 good things jar on NYE.


That sucker was stuffed!


Wanna see what went down this year? Here’s the scoop:


1/1/15 – Pan fried praline french toast in butter. We are rebels!

1/1/15 – 1017 words to kick off the new year!

1/2/15 – The best days are royalty check days!

1/2/15 – Print copies of The Last First Date for RITA have arrived!

1/4/15 – Cracker Barrel with Kathy, Monica, and my man!

1/6/15 – Facebook harassed Kay Fairchild with the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

1/6/15 – Spring Chickens re-release!

1/7/15 – Hug therapy and Pillsbury ready-to-bake sugar cookies.

1/23/15 – I got a raise!

1/24/15 – Snuggle nap.


2/3/15 – Switched RT enrollment for RWA in NYC with Karen B!

2/4/15 – Colin James Kidwell is born!

2/11/15 – Popeye’s Pandora, and the perfect truffle from my love.

2/12/15- Viva Las Vegas with my Super Cool Party People!

2/14/15 – Spring Chickens will be in the Unforgettable Heroes II boxed set!

2/15/15 – Stranded in Las Vegas with my girls.

2/16/15 – Spa day with Iwanna. There are worse places to be stuck than Las Vegas. J

2/23/15 – Signed up for NOLA Stars conference in Shreveport.

2/26/15 – Finished draft on Full Court Press.

2/28/15 – Request for a full on Full Court Press – agent J.A.


3/1/15 – Submitted Bossy Pants (retitled A Will and A Way) to Kensington.

3/1/15 – Tulips, pretty tulips!

3/7/15 – NOLA Stars – request for full on FCP – editor P.B.

3/7/15 – NOLA Stars – request for partial and synopsis – agent L.B.

3/7/15 – NOLA Stars – submitted full and synopsis FCP – agent D.K.

3/7/15 – NOLA Stars – Won 1st chapter critique from Molly O’Keefe in auction.

3/18/15 – Query S.M. on FCP.

3/24/15 – Partial request from S.M.

3/29/15 – 3.5 miles in 44 minutes watching Rory’s Birthday Parties on Netflix.


4/4/15 – Flying Fish, grass sledding, Riverwalk, salted caramel ice cream, and Outlander. The perfect day!

4/9/15 – Kensington wants Bossy Pants (to be renamed) and two more to follow Going Deep!

4/12/15 – Sara Megibow offered representation!

4/20/15 – Accepted representation with Sara Megibow, KT Literary. Officially a part of Team Megibow!


5/4/15 – Charlotte Castle Kolleng is born!

5/6/15 – Boaz Joshua Kiewiet is born!

5/20/15 – Full Court Press going out on submission.


6/2/15 – Jewels booked her flight to Little Rock!

6/10/15 – Chicago! Got to smooch Kat, Becky, Johnny, Katie, baby Lottie, and el Jeffe!

6/11/15 – Chicago part II – visit with Strokie at State Farm, Garrett’s Popcorn, and Lou Malnati’s pizza!

6/12/15 – RUSH at the United Center with Wild Bill, Jazzy Jeff, Dazed Dan, Kat and Carol!

6/17/15 – Terms with Kensington at good. Three book deal is a go!

6/21/15 – Father’s Day Italian beef, sugar cookies, and hoops with my boys.

6/24/15 – Kidneys and bladder passed their tests with flying colors.


7/4/15 – Annual viewing of The Music Man.

7/18/15 – DSRA, Café Cinco De Mayo, and pre-RWA mani/pedi.

7/21/15 – Surprise bonus at the day job just in time for my trip. 🙂

7/22/15 – RWA in NYC – I touched Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Such a lovely lady.

7/22/15 – RWA Literacy Signing.

7/22/15 – RWA with Karen B. – Up late girl talking. 🙂

7/23/15 – Kensington party – Cab ride with Sharon Struth, Terri-Lynne DeFino, and Sonali Dev.

7/24/15 – Harlequin party at the Waldorf Astoria – Nine authors, one limo. Danced the night away with Karen B!

7/25/15 – Ate a delicious Steakburger in NYC. You can take the girl out of Bloomington…

7/25/15 – RITA awards – two wins for Team Megibow authors!

7/26/15 – Sad news about my BeBe to start the day, but smooth travel with Renee N Kelly. Now home to my pillow.

7/31/15 – Turned in Flip This Love – 64k in 31 days!


8/8/15 – Amazeum in Bentonville to meet Sara Megibow.

8/13/15 – Jewels hits Little Rock. 3 Sams BBQ for PB pie. Shooting hoops in the back yard.

8/14/15 – Burgers, shoe shopping, Flying Fish, cardboard sledding and Willy D’s piano bar with Jewels, Joe and Deb!

8/15/15 – Took Jewels to DSRA for show and tell. Mexican food, Trainwreck, and bopper sundaes.

8/16/15 – Jewels, Kayson, and juggling.

8/29/15 – 1st round edits on Flip This Love.


9/15/15 – Going Deep release day!

9/27/15 – 12331 words at the DSRA writing retreat 2015!


10/13/15 – Flip This Love cover is FABULOUS!

10/13/15 – An offer on Full Court Press!

10/17/15 – I had a bunny. He made me very happy for a very long time.

10/28/15 – Entered Going Deep in 2016 ROTA awards.

10/28/15 – Signed 3 book deal with Samhain Publishing for Warrior (Full Court Press) series.

10/31/15 – Batman returns for trick or treating!


11/1/15 – 1st round edits on A Will and A Way.

11/4/15 – Samhain deal announced.

11/9/15 – Lulu bought a house in Missouri just to be closer to me!

11/12/15 – Watched WKRP turkey drop. “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

11/14/15 – Loblolly ice cream sundaes for lunch.

11/14/15 – Hogs beat LSU – always a good time.

11/15/15 – Dinner at Marketplace with the kiddos – chocolate mess sundae with my favorite little boy.

11/16/15 – 47th bday – New Kindle and Snoopy book on writing.

11/21/15 – Shared a teeny-tiny birthday cake with Mr. Bill.

11/22/15 – Playtime Pizza with the family for Bill’s double-nickel birthday.

11/26/15 – Thankful for a fun Thanksgiving.

11/27/15 – Finished 1st draft on Love and Rockets…finally!

11/28/15 – Joe and Deb’s wedding!


12/1/15 – More good publishing news (announcement to come in January).

12/2/15 – DSRA lunch and PHC party. Eat, eat, and eat some more!

12/6/15 – Christmas lights are finally up.

12/13/15 – I am a turkey roasting goddess. Who knew?

12/18/15 – Sally finally learned to play tug.

12/20/15 – My man bought me cookies after a long day of inventory.

12/25/15 – Family, little smokies, monkey bread, and I left The Isle up $5!

12/26/15 – Kidwell Christmas = Babies, babies, babies, and euchre.

12/27/15 – Bill became the fool who ripped his pants!

12/28/15 – Free bonus charm at Pandora.

12/29/15 – Brinda Berry proved that she is magic, like a unicorn.

12/31/15 – Dinner with my man, puppy play, yoga pants, West Wing on Netflix, football and Little Debbie Nutty Bar.

Whew! What a year! Thank you all for being a part of it!


The jar is empty again and ready to go. My goal for 2016 is to top 100+ notes. How about you? Are you doing anything to tap into your happy?



Monday Mayhem – My year in numbers

I’m one of those crazies who likes to quantify things. so I thought I’d throw some random stats for the year out there this week, and next week, we’ll get to open the Good Things jar!

29 – Number of novella length or longer works published (Going Deep).

3 fabulous vacations – Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York. 🙂

1 agent acquired!

52 Weekend Writing Warrior posts.

2 beloved pets lost, 1 fairly goofy pet gained.

6 – number of books contracted for 2016-2017.

76 episodes of Friday Night Lights watched in the month of August.

1 visitor from abroad. Literally, a broad. Her name is Julie and I fed her every chance I had.

23 – number of strands of Christmas lights purchased to replace old strands.

47 – the number of candles that would have been on my birthday cake if I’d had a birthday cake. We ate ice cream sundaes instead.

175,000+ words written on drafts. This doesn’t include proposals, edits, material that was cut, blog posts or other peripheral writing.

4 grueling days of physical inventory at the day job.

Whew! So that’s what I’ve been doing. I need to rest now.

Monday Mayhem – I need a nap

Great weekend, but a busy one. Saturday was our annual DSRA annual lunch. We were actually fairly well-behaved this year. Don’t know how that happened, but I’m sure we’ll rectify that next year!

l to r: Brinda Berry, D.T. Dyllin, me, Jen Crane, KD Reep, Mia Kay, Carol Lytle, Cynthia d’Alba, Mandy Harbin, Elle James (Myla Jackson), Nena Clements, and Holly Goslin.

That evening, we also attended the party thrown by my company. A lot of talking for a girl who prefers to leave the dialogue to the characters in her head.

Sunday, I cooked a turkey dinner, and the family came over to help decorate the tree and inside of the house.


Now, I am in my stretchy pants and slippers, trying to psyche myself up for another busy week.

As I usually do at this time of year, I’ve been assessing some of my writing related activities and determining which are proving to be a good use of my time, and which I can/should ditch in my quest to be more productive in putting words on the page.

This year, I tried adding some new features (Teaser Tuesday, Whatcha Reading Wednesday, and Fangirl Friday) to the blog to make it more interactive. They weren’t as much of a hit as I had hoped, so I will be discontinuing them. I’m also going to take a little break from the Weekend Writing Warriors in January, but will most likely pick it back up again as the year goes on.

That leaves us with our traditional Mondays together.

I’ll continue to post weekly updates on what’s happening in my life and with my writing (good news coming!) here each week, and I hope you’ll continue to keep me company.

With the holiday rush in full tilt boogie, it’s hard to keep on track with the writing, so I’ve started a new challenge to keep me moving forward even on the most hectic days. I’m trying to do 100 words for 100 days. It’s just like it sounds. I have to write a minimum of 100 words (about a paragraph) on my work in progress each day. Most days, I won’t stop there, but there may be times (like Saturday) when there’s so much to do in the real world, that 100 words will have to suffice.

What am I looking forward to in 2016? Well, it’s good of you to ask!

I’ll be wrapping up edits on book three in the Coastal Heat Series, LOVE AND ROCKETS, and starting drafts on books two and three in the Warrior series, RANSOMED HEART and TOSSING THE PLAYBOOK.

If I can get my act together, I’ll be re-releasing the HOT NIGHTS IN ST. BLAISE novellas in one big set this January. Then, there will be 4 more releases, so mark your spanking new 2016 calendars!!

April: FLIP THIS LOVE, Coastal Heat #2

July: A WILL AND A WAY, A Worth the Wait Romance

October: LOVE AND ROCKETS, Coastal Heat #3

December: FULL COURT PRESS, Warrior series #1

So, yeah, lots of good stuff coming up. Make sure you stay tuned!



I’m so excited! I finally get to announce that my steamy battle of the sexes, FULL COURT PRESS, has been sold to Linda Ingmanson at Samhain Publishing!!! Check this out:


That’s right – a THREE BOOK DEAL!


FULL COURT PRESS (December 2016) will be followed by RANSOMED HEART (March 2017) and TOSSING THE PLAYBOOK (June 2017)!!!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that this book found an editor who loves it and understands it as much as my #superagent Sara Megibow did when she first read it. Check out the fabulous things she had to say about it:

Huge thanks to Sara and Linda for falling for Kate and Danny as hard as I did.

I also owe a huge debt to my Prime Minister of Posisitivty, Julie Doner, for her unflagging support and optimism. I can’t wait to share these stories with you all!