Monday Mayhem – Because you’ve gotta have friendssssss

I believe it’s important for every woman to have a close female friends. Wether it’s one, or a dozen, makes no difference. The strength and resilience of female friendships is something I try to incorporate into every story I write.

The friends you can text with random questions concerning bodily functions. Those who will hold you through the worst times and cheer you through the best. I have a few I lose contact with for months or years, but when we do get together, it’s like no time has passed at all. I have some I talk to every day.

I’m lucky enough to have two groups of friends who are integral to my life:

The first is simply known as The Cabinet.

These are my closest advisors. The ones who knew me in those halcyon days before everything we did went digital. We’ve been friends since we were teenagers and will be in each other’s pockets when we go to our graves. They pre-date the husbands and kids, and have outlasted the parents in some cases. Fodder knows better than to even think about contradicting the word of the cabinet.

Smart nieces and nephews know that inviting and/or allowing Aunt Moogie’s rowdy friends to come to the festivities results in more fun and quadruple the presents! Here we all are at my nephew’s wedding + my mother the photo bomber. <3

The other group you’ve heard me mention a number of times, because without them, I would not be a writer. Period. End of story.

They are my Super Cool Party People.

This is an ever expanding group of women drawn together by a common love, and bound together by unwavering support. We are scattered all over the globe and came to each other later in life (for some of us), but that doesn’t make our bond any weaker. My life would truly suck without them.

Love Game is the start of a new series that features three women: Kate Snyder, basketball superstar and all-around champion at life;  Millie Jenkins, the PR spin master who’s better at sorting out other people’s problems that thinking too hard about her own; and Avery Preston, Feminist Literature and Women’s Studies professor who harbors a secret desire.

I hope you’ll get a chance to meet them all. LOVE GAME goes on sale in just two weeks! And, in case you missed my gushing, you can read a couple of great pre-release reviews here and here!

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Monday Mayhem – Ramping up!

Gang, we are t-minus 29 days until LOVE GAME is released into the wild, and boy-howdy things are happening. Big things. Wow things.

In case you have somehow managed to miss my spastic whooping, this happened this week:

Yes, Publishers Weekly gave my book a STARRED review! If you want to read the whole thing, you can find it here.

I admit I cried a little when I read it. Not just because they liked my book, but because they got it. I wanted to write a book where two stubborn, strong-willed people fell in love and neither of them had to make themselves less so they could have more of a relationship.

I’m particularly proud that they caught the strong feminist streak that bonds the three female friends in the book.

Feminist is a word I had to grow into, but now I find it fits me like a glove. Maybe that’s one of the perks of becoming a woman of a certain age. I am so over apologizing for being awesome. Like Kate, Millie, and Avery, I am a strong, accomplished woman with opinions that matter, and a voice that carries. I no longer feel the need to explain or tone down my feminist tendencies.

I just hope the world can handle us.

Both LOVE GAME and PLAY FOR KEEPS are available for pre-order at every outlet imaginable (Target! Walmart!) and will be in stores February 6th and April 3rd. Be watching for a call to action here.

Avery’s story, DOUBLE PLAY, is shaping up nicely!

I’ve started reading for BINGO, have you?

I admit I’m not being very strategic, but since I can’t give myself a prize, I figure I can flit around a bit.

How about you? How is your new year going thus far?



Monday Mayhem – Ramping up!

April is here! That means it’s almost time for FLIP THIS LOVE!

At last!

Flip FB 2

All month long, I’ll be ramping up to release day. That means you can expect lots of blog posts, giveaways, and tidbits on social media. The fact is, writing the book doesn’t take nearly as long as the editing, packaging, and promoting does.

I received my author copies in the mail a couple weeks ago, and ordered a supply of paper books to have on hand for the book signings. Remember, I’ll be at the Chicago North RWA Spring Fling (May 21st, Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, IL 3-5pm) and the Diamond State Romance Authors 10th anniversary signing at Hastings (Benton, AR) on June 18, 2016.

In the meantime, I’m still making new words for Ransomed Heart. I’m past the 70k mark. That means I’m heading into the last quarter of play. Gotta keep moving!

How about you? How are you ramping up for Spring?


Monday Mayhem – All the news

Okay! So this week’s post is all about the news. First, the big news I’ve been hinting at for a month or so:


That’s right, the Warrior series (FULL COURT PRESS, RANSOMED HEART, and TOSSING THE PLAYBOOK) will be available in audio starting with the release of FULL COURT PRESS in December 2017! Read all about it here!


Second, as you know, I re-released the HOT NIGHTS IN ST. BLAISE novellas as a set. You can grab all 12 stories for just $3.99. If you’d like to tempt a friend into trying them out, I’m posting book #1, JUMPING MR. JANUARY on Wattpad as a free read. Chapters 1, 2, & 3 will be available as of this week. Please help me spread the word!


Third, don’t forget that GOING DEEP is on sale for only $0.99. I think the sale ends this week, so tell all of your friends to pick up a copy today. FLIP THIS LOVE will be out in April, and LOVE AND ROCKETS in October. If you haven’t read it, give it a shot – I think you’ll really love the Coastal Heat series!


Whew! That’s a lot going on, isn’t it? Well, it’s not all I have cooking. I’m over 15k into drafting RANSOMED HEART and I have to tell you, I’m loving this story! I’m using the delicious Boris Kodjoe as my inspiration for basketball coach, Ty Ransom. I’ll just leave this here for a minute:

Ty Ransom

Yeah. Uh huh.

You’ll be pleased to know that I was a good girl this past week and got ahead of my goal. Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep the streak going!

What’s new with you?



Monday Mayhem – Diving in

Here we go, kids!

I just turned in the manuscript for LOVE AND ROCKETS (Coastal Heat #3) last night. Wooohoo! What does this mean? It means it’s time for me to get to work on RANSOMED HEART (Warrior #2)!

I’m excited to start on something new, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with the Coastal Heat series. I’m preparing a proposal for two more books in the series, so cross your fingers and toes. I’m also excited because the first book in the series, GOING DEEP, is on sale!


Brooke and Brian started it all. Now they’ll have company as Laney and Harley’s story comes out in April and Jake and Darla’s in October. It’s so much fun to see this world grow to encompass so many new love stories.


A new year means new plans. As 2016 starts, I’m working on 2017 and beyond. I can’t wait to share these new adventures with you!



Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/27/15

Thanks for joining me for these Weekend Writing Warrior posts. For those of you still reading along, here’s more from  LOVE AND ROCKETS (Coastal Heat #3). I’m going to take a little break from my warrior-ing, but I’ll probably be back. Thanks so much for all of your support and kind words!


Darla flinched as she snapped out of her reverie. Sugar-sticky tea sloshed over the side of the glass and onto her hand. Big brown eyes stared up at her.

“You okay?”

The combination of warmth in his dark eyes and genuine concern evident in his simple question ripped though her pride like a torpedo. “I’m sorry.” The apology burst from her with shocking ease. Plopping the glass down on the table, she slid into the seat across from him without even stopping to blink. “I’m so sorry, I was a complete bitch last night and you didn’t deserve it.”


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Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/20/15

For those of you still reading along, here’s more from  LOVE AND ROCKETS (Coastal Heat #3) Coming in October 2016!


The second she spotted Jake Dalton sitting alone in her last empty booth, her heart leaped into her throat and swelled like a bullfrog. Regret and nerves did a tango in her tummy. Ducking her head, she busied herself with delivering her orders. She managed to kill another three minutes refilling water glasses and depositing hastily scrawled tickets on several table tops before she forced herself to fill a cup with sweet tea, drop two wedges of lemon on top, and make her way to him.
As much as she hated apologizing to anyone for anything, it was particularly galling to have to spew ‘I’m sorries’ to a St. Pat’s grad. She’d admit Jake was a thousand times better than most of her former schoolmates, but still. It was hard.


From the moment she left her parents’ house, she did her level best to have little to do with the life she’d lived before Gracie came along. It hadn’t been terribly hard to sever the ties. Most of her so-called friends had stopped talking to her the second she began showing. The rest fell victim to natural attrition.


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Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/13/15

For those of you still reading along, here’s more from  LOVE AND ROCKETS (Coastal Heat #3) Coming in October 2016!


The Pit barbecue shack stood on the same quarter acre of undesirable land near the Alabama and Gulf Coast railroad tracks for over fifty years. Natives claimed the worn clapbaord building was as much a part of Mobile as the bay itself. Everyone ate at The Pit. Governors, garbage collectors, movie stars, and construction workers rubbed elbows over racks of dry-rubbed ribs and succulent pulled pork topped with slaw. Darla had never met the original pit master, Beauregard Lavelle Pickett, but Beau Jr. had appointed himself her unofficial granddad the moment she first showed up at his counter asking for a job.

Pregnant, alone, and without any appreciable skill set.

He’d long-since turned the tending of the smokehouse over to his own son, Beauregard Lavelle Pickett III—a.k.a. Bubba—but Mr. Beau still held court each noontime at a small formica-topped table in the back. And every day, Darla served him and his cronies enough sweet tea to float the USS Alabama.

Wearing squeeze bottles of Bubba’s famous sauce tucked into her apron pockets like six shooters, she cocked a hip and stared down at the septuagenarians, a sassy smile curving her lips. “If you loved me, you’d make an honest woman out of me and take me away from all this.”


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Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/6/15

Whoa! December already? Sheesh. Where did this year go? For those of you still reading along, here are some more tidbits from  LOVE AND ROCKETS (Coastal Heat #3) Coming in October 2016!


Luckily, Grace was still more little girl than teenager. She ducked her head and pressed it into the crook of Darla’s neck, seeking comfort in the same place she’d found it since the day she came into the world. Darla brushed the heavy dark curls away from her baby’s face and sighed. “I’m sorry, baby.”
“So embarrassing,” Grace mumbled, but to Darla’s relief, her daughter relaxed into the caress.

“I’m your mom. Embarrassing you is in the job description.”

“You excel at it.”

Resting her cheek atop Gracie’s head, Darla smiled. “I’ve always been an overachiever. No one can screw up as big as your mama, kiddo.”


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Weekend Writing Warrior – 11/29/15

Here’s another taste of my current work, LOVE AND ROCKETS (Coastal Heat #3 – October 2016). This is the story of a rocket scientist who falls in love with a hardworking single mom and her brainy daughter.


“Jeez, Mom—”

Darla saw her daughter’s ire and raised her the mom hand. “Don’t start.”

“That was Doctor Dal—”

“I know who it was.”

“You embarrassed me!”

Those three little words were enough to take the starch out of any defense Darla might have presented. Like any woman who’d survived adolescence, she felt her daughter’s discomfiture keenly. “I’m sorry, Sweets.”

“We were just talking about how he liked my Saturn!”


Good luck to everyone sprinting to finish NaNo! Be sure to check out all of this weekend’s Weekend Writing Warrior posts!