Teaser Tuesday – Diana Cosby

An Oath Broken – book #2 in The Oath Trilogy

Giric Armstrong, Earl of Terrick, takes no pleasure in escorting a feisty English lass to her betrothed. But he needs the coin to rebuild his castle, and his tenants need to eat. Yet the trip will not be the simple matter he imagined. For Lady Sarra isn’t the only one determined to see her engagement fail. Men with darker motives want to stop the wedding—even if they must kill the bride in the process.

An Oath Broken

Enjoy an excerpt of An Oath Broken! http://www.dianacosby.com/anoathbroken.html#excerpt

4 Replies to “Teaser Tuesday – Diana Cosby”

  1. Wow, that is quite the blurb! Sounds like an incredibly exciting story, Diana! Best of luck with it! 🙂

    1. Hi Evelyn,
      I appreciate your stopping by, “Teaser Tuesday!” Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed the teaser from An Oath Broken. I had a blast writing Giric and Sarra’s story. Have a fabulous day!

      Diana Cosby

  2. Maggie,
    Thank you so much for featuring An Oath Broken, book #2 of the bestselling The Oath Trilogy on Teaser Tuesdays. I had a blast writing Giric and Sarra’s stories, and I hope your readers enjoy it as well. Take care and thank you again!

    Diana Cosby

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