Teaser Tuesday – Samantha Ann King

Excerpt from Tempting Meredith

Samantha Ann King

Blaine had just wanted some alone time after spending most of the day campaigning. He’d been walking quietly, a habit formed from years of hunting, when he’d seen them.

Fuck. He didn’t know who was sexier—Charlie or Meredith. But both of them together was a sight that paralyzed him. He told himself that a gentleman would turn his back and leave. Give them the privacy they expected. Well, maybe not expected, since they were out in the middle of God and everybody. But they deserved more from him. His feet weren’t listening. Or if they were, they refused to obey. His cowboy boots remained planted in the leaves and dirt and undergrowth.

Meredith saw him, looked him right in the eyes. He thought she was gonna stop. Instead, she stripped off her jeans. An invitation or his own twisted, wishful thinking?


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  1. Holy smokes. What a way to wake up! This sounds awesome, Samantha! Best of luck with it! 🙂

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