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HANDLING CYNTHIA, Book 2 in the Second Chances series by Andrea Dalling, is now available on Kindle Unlimited.

1 Handling Cynthia 900 x 1350
Cynthia Darlington can’t forget how Trent Weber kissed her before they left for college—backed up against her Mustang, wrists firm in his grip, her body yielding to his desire. Now, five years later, she seeks him out at their class reunion, newly aware of her submissive nature, and hungering for his dominance. With so much time and distance between them, he’s practically a stranger now. Giving herself to Trent could be the culmination of all her hopes—or a teenage fantasy gone horribly wrong.

When Trent watched Cyn walk away after their kiss five years ago, it was enough humiliation to last a lifetime. But with one look at her in that tight black dress, his old desire resurfaces—and with it, the dark fantasies of her bound and submitting to his will. He longs to master this beautiful, confident, and supremely independent woman. If he can’t convince her to submit to her deepest cravings before the weekend is out, he could lose his last shot at the one who got away.

This BDSM erotic romance novella is intended for an adult audience. It contains scenes of flirtation, hot kisses, seductive bowling, a spoiled sub, a demanding Dom, second thoughts, and second chances.

With a thrill in his stomach, Trent caught sight of Cyn. She looked edible. Short dark hair, ivory shoulders he wanted to graze his teeth across. The old fantasies rushed back—fingers closed around her wrists, restraining her the way he had during that kiss. What would she think of him if she knew?

Moot point, because he’d never get that close to her again. Fool me twice, shame on me. He wouldn’t be a fool for any woman. Not even Cyn.

As he approached, she stepped forward and hugged him. He breathed her perfume, like oranges at Christmas, and imagined himself taking a bite. She held him in a long embrace. A knot in his chest loosened and he held her close, then remembered his resolve. As he pulled back, the accidental glide of his palm down the silky bare skin of her arm shot heat into his groin.

His throat thickened. Ever since that decadent kiss, his fantasies of dominating her had grown stronger, darker. Her body, so pliant in his arms as he’d held her against the Mustang when they were teenagers, had betrayed her submissive bent.

“I’ve missed you.” The words spilled from his lips without intent. Way to play it cool.
She stepped back and smiled, the corners of her eyes crinkling. “I missed you, too.”

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  1. Ooh la la, this sounds like a delicious read! And that cover? Hot, hot, hot! Best of luck with it, Andrea! 🙂

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