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Hellooooo, all you beautiful people! I’m so happy to be here today on this lovely blog. Kudos on the makeover, Mags. Seriously. When Maggie mentioned she was hosting guest spots every Tuesday, I jumped at the chance to be a part of it, because, well, I’m nothing if not a promo whore. And Mags, God bless her, booked me for this date. It may not be significant to you, but I have a secret love affair happening with the number 12. It all stems back to my days as a provincial-level soccer player who earned the nickname ‘The Animal’. I’m rough and proud of it.


Speaking of dates, anyone ever tried online dating? How about Online Mating? Not sure what that is? Well, perhaps my current work in progress can shed some light on the subject….


Here’s the blurb: After joining a sexual compatibility site, Sydney finds herself at a coffee shop awaiting her first date. When bachelor number one makes a bizarre and slightly alarming entrance, will she stick to Plan A or choose the sympathetic stranger?


And here’s an excerpt: 

He tore his mouth from her, his chest heaving. “Syd.”

“Is that a horn in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Dimples flashed as the grin on his face stretched. “I am the happiest man on the planet right now.”

Okay, when the guy said stuff like that, he made it nearly impossible not to fall for him. “I can’t believe you’re the same guy who walked into the coffee shop.”

“Miss the grease paint?”

“A little.”

“Does that scare you or turn you on?”

“Combo of the two.”

Charlie’s eyes danced with mirth, but he never laughed. Instead, he seemed more focused, more determined to tip the scale toward arousal. He planted one foot between hers and took her mouth again. His large palm cupped the back of her head, his fingers tangling in her hair, dragging her closer for every drugging sweep of his tongue.

They could do it right here in the parking lot. Desperate? Maybe a little. Undignified? Oh, they’d passed that point a long time ago, right around the moment she actually considered letting the man get her off in the middle of a restaurant.

Feeding off the sexual energy humming through her veins, she dove for the buttons on his shirt. Of course he wore an undershirt. In her mind, there was a well-deserved “S” emblazoned on the front of it. This man might not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he was most definitely made of steel.

“God, you feel so good,” she whispered, slipping her hands under the thin cotton, feeling his abs contract beneath her palms.


Ever wondered what it was like to get it on with a clown? No? Just me? Well, if you’re even a little clown-curious, be sure to check out Online Mating, a reader-vote story on SilkWords’ interactive site! You get to have a say in how the story turns out so be sure to vote! 

Thanks so much to Mags for hosting me! Wishing everyone a fantastically fabulous day! 🙂

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