Teaser Tuesday – Karen Rose Smith


Drape Expectations cover from Kensington

Caprice and Roz were digging more deeply into their Thai food when Caprice’s cell phone played.

“I’d better check this,” she said to Roz. “Juan is at the house we’re going to be staging and he might have run into a problem.”

But when she glanced at the screen, she saw Ace’s face.  Uh oh, just what was she going to say to him?  She swiped the screen and put the phone to her ear.  “Hi, Ace.  What’s up?”

“Caprice…”  Ace’s voice sounded strained and very strange.  “I’m at Alanna’s house,” he continued as if there was something wrong with that.

She was sure he’d been at Alanna’s house a lot lately.  “Does Alanna need something?”

“No, she—”  There was silence…absolute silence.

“Ace?  What’s going on?”

“Alanna’s here, Caprice, but the thing is—she’s not breathing.  Her eyes are wide open.  She has no pulse.  I think she was strangled!”

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  1. Dun, dun, dun! Sounds like a great read, Karen! Fun cover too! Best of luck with it! 🙂

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