Teaser Tuesday – Katie Kenyhercz

Here’s a peek at Home Ice by Katie Kenyhercz!

Home Ice Final Cover

“It took me one week to figure out you were different.”
Dylan lifted his brows. “Different from who?”
“From everyone. You don’t play games. You’re refreshingly transparent. Whatever you feel or think, it’s right there on your face, and most times you say it out loud. You don’t hold back or pretend to be someone you’re not. I knew that, and I questioned it anyway. It says more about me than you.”
A stray piece of hair had come out of her ponytail, and he tucked it behind her ear. He let his palm brush her jaw on the way down. “I might not be like this if I had to do it the way you did. Training hard takes its toll, but it’s different when you have twenty-two people at your back no matter what. People who believe in you and support you. Even make up for your mistakes. Until we talked about it, I took my team for granted, but the kind of guys they are, everything they’ve done for me … it lets me see the best in people.”
She bit her lip and wrinkled her nose. “I can only imagine what you saw the first time you met me.”
“I saw a beautiful girl covered in snow, determination, and probably butt bruises.”
The laugh burst out of her before she could check it. “Uh, yeah. Well, what I’m trying to say is I’m sorry for shutting you out, and I’ll try to be better about reflex judgments.”
Home Ice





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  1. Okay, you had me at ‘butt bruises’. lol, sounds like a fun read! Best of luck with it, Katie! 🙂

    1. Thanks Jules! She’s a figure skater getting back in shape after breaking an ankle in the last Olympics. When they meet, she’s practicing her signature jump and not landing it. At least not on her feet 🙂

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