Weekend Writing Warrior – 08/17/14

Here’s a test – is distracted writing dangerous?

Here are 8 sentences I wrote while conversations swirled around me at my local RWA meeting. Since I managed exactly 8, I said I’d post them for my WWW entry. What do you say? Help a distracted writer out?

Gazing up at her from the depths of his pillow, Lang wondered why he ever thought leaving this apartment was a good idea. What could be better than being fed lo mein noodles by a beautiful woman? Jessica still wore his old uniform shirt but, like him, it was completely undone. She straddled him, smiling as she swirled the bamboo chopsticks in the take-out container. Hot pink handcuffs dangled from one wrist as she held a clump of lukewarm noodles over his mouth.


Instead of opening up, he shook his head. “More of you.”


Fingers crossed, this story will turn out to be the sequel to my current Harlequin-E release, The Last First Date. Your input is welcome and most appreciated!

9781460336274-COV HARLEQUINe_0614_9781460323854_TheLastFirstDate

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12 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 08/17/14”

  1. You always make me feel something whenever I read your excerpts, Maggie. Hot, happy, hungry…a combination of all three. You are good at what you do, my friend. 😀

  2. I say you get distracted more often because that was hot. I love the visuals of playfulness and sexiness. The shirt line was my favorite.

  3. enjoyed the snippet! It was a nice and fun conversation with a very natural and easy flow to it. The little hint about the handcuff on her wrist and such leaves you wanting to know what happened before they got to this ‘rest’ period.

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