Weekend Writing Warrior – 10/13/13

Today’s post comes for X is for XXX Ranch – one of my two contributions to Love Letters Volume 6: Cowboy’s Command (October 21st from Carina Press).



“I won’t go easy on you just because I’ve seen you naked,” he whispered, pulling away just enough to allow her the satisfaction of finally managing to undo the zipper.

Using the ball of his foot, he managed to pull the legs down. When he released her to bend down and remove the garment from around his ankles, Jane pushed back and started to recline.

She opened her mouth, but he didn’t let her speak, instead he pressed his lips against hers. He’d thought being this close to her with clothes on was an amazing experience, but without anything between them, it was—wow! That was all he could come up with to describe the sensation of her soft, delicate skin pressed against his. Her tight nipples rubbed against his chest, a feeling that left him clinging to the edge of his self-control.


Love Letters Volume 6: Cowboy’s Command


These men know how to ride! Meet red-hot ranchers and captivating cowboys in five new novellas in Love Letters Volume 6: Cowboy’s Command.

V Is for Vindicated by Maggie Wells
Barrel-racing queen Michelle Kelly likes to ride wild—but her old flame Cole Powell might have what it takes to rope the woman he loves once and for all.

W Is for Wanted by Ginny Glass
When Samuel Thrasher is forced to return to his family’s ranch, he doesn’t want to revisit his past…except when it comes to Merrit Hightower, who’s definitely not the innocent girl he left behind!

X Is for XXX Ranch by Maggie Wells and Emily Cale
Jane Richardson is stunned to discover that the property she’s inherited isn’t the working ranch she imagined. Handsome neighbor Clive Boland offers to buy the XXX Ranch—and proposes more than just a business deal.

Y Is for Yearning by Christina Thacher
Cowboy Ben Hastings is everything Diana wants in a man. He may be quiet, but their passion between the sheets is anything but. Yet making a place for her in his bed and life may be a challenge…

Z Is for Zeal by Emily Cale
Rancher Aaron Lyons hates when tourists take over his local bar during rodeo week—until he meets Nathan Howell, and their encounter turns into a one-night stand neither of them will forget.

For more information on the Love Letters series, click here!

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  1. He’s very talented using his feet and all to get the pants down. Imagine what he’ll do with other body parts.

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