Weekend Writing Warrior – 10/19/14

It’s October, and to celebrate the spookiest of all months, I will be sharing 8 sentences from my first paranormal romance (written as Margaret Ethridge), Paramour. In this scene, Cam encounters her neighbor, Brad, for the first time.


A thin line of toffee-colored hair rose from the waistband of a pair of blessedly low-slung cargo shorts. Her smile returned full force as she saw his long fingers curl around a belt loop and hike the shorts higher.

“Too late,” she whispered into her beer bottle.

The smooth hair on his stomach gave way to a dusting of wiry curls on his chest. They shone with the sweat glistening at his throat, trickling over the long, sleek muscles lining his shoulders. His biceps bunched when he hoisted the grass trimmer over the fence, depositing it in the too-tall grass of her yard.

Cam took another step back, her brow puckering in confusion as the latch on the gate between the Kelly’s property and hers gave way with a loud chink. Moments later, a bright green lawn mower rolled through the gate propelled by its luscious lawn jockey.


Here’s the blurb:

Camellia Stafford has never been alone in her room. For twenty years, she’s been engaged in a fierce power struggle with her bedroom’s previous tenant, Frank DeLuca, the ghost trapped in the light fixture above her bed.

Caustic and cranky, Frank has one soft spot—Cam. Over the years, their feelings for one another have evolved from grudging friendship to an enduring love that burns white-hot until Frank puts his feelings for Cam on ice.

When she suffers the loss of her beloved father, Cam returns home to say good-bye, and confront her feelings for Frank. She finds an unexpected shoulder to lean on in neighbor, Bradley Mitchum. Cam falls hard and fast for the handsome ad man’s charming smile and passionate nature, but Brad’s easy-going exterior masks a steely backbone tempered by adversity.

Two men: one living, one dead, and both vying for her love. Now Cam must determine if her heart is strong enough to choose which dream could lead to a love that will last a lifetime.

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