Weekend Writing Warrior – 10/20/13

This week my WWW entry come from Hot Nights in St. Blaise Book #11 – Nabbing Mr. November.

“Shower room.” She peppered his cheek and jaw with hot, frantic kisses. He hesitated for a fraction of a second, and her teeth found the tender skin of his ear lobe. Her fingers tightened in his hair and a strangled groan ripped from his throat. “Don’t think. Don’t fight me,” she whispered. “Just this. Just us.”

Nabbing Mr. November

Nabbing Mr. November_Maggie Wells

There’s nothing like a butt full of birdshot to help a girl nab an elusive man.

The doctor becomes the patient when Luke Langston lands in St. Blaise’s overrun emergency room with a keister full of birdshot. Worse than the obvious Dick Cheney jokes, he has to endure the abject humiliation of having the one woman he wanted but never quite got round to calling pluck bits of shrapnel from his ass.

The minute Intern Elena Mendes pulls the last shard of shot from Luke Langston’s magnificent tuchas, she strips off her gloves and plants a big, wet kiss square on his assailant’s lips.

It was about time someone took Dr. Iceman down a notch. Or twenty.

Luke’s cockiness makes Elena crazy, but she can’t resist the sparks that fly each time she they butt heads. Every time he’s near, she’s compelled to turn it up a notch, curious to see how much heat it will take to melt the ice-man’s heart.

She doesn’t know Luke has been on a slow simmer since the day he first saw her. A tease, a taunt, a whispered confession and a heated kiss are all it takes to make their attraction boil over into something too hot to handle.

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15 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 10/20/13”

  1. Not thinking. Not fighting. I want this. Oh. I’m not in this story and it’s not happening to me. I always forget about that when I read your stories because you put me RIGHT THERE in the moment. Awesome work, Maggie!

    1. This episode helps us udanrstend how Regina gained her powers. Considering I thought she was born with them, I liked that they explaind that. I am also curious about why Rumple held Regina as a baby. Now onto the StoryBrooke timeline, everyone there is freaking out, which is udanrstendable. Prince Charming to me though seems a little boring, so Im not to big of a fan of his. Snow White though I like, she is a fighter and has spunk. But my favorite is Regina/ Evil Queen, she has so much depth to her, she is so evil but inside all that hate is still good, which emerges in rare cases .You tend to love how evil she is but also are pulled in by her pain and want it to help her. As she gained her powers back in this new episode you saw her true colors return. Letting you know trouble is on its way. Overall, I liked the episode and have high hopes for the remainder of this season.

  2. Ah, I love when they put up just a little bit of resistance – the way their mind tells them “wait a minute, shouldn’t we…?” right before you remind them to stop thinking and do what they were meant to do. Wonderful eight!

    1. I had no idea how to answer the poll beucase quite honestly I just found this episode really creepy. Probably the creepiest ONCE episode I have ever seen.This was mostly due to the interations between Rum and Regina in FTL. I can’t be the only one who was a little uncomfortable during that, right? Also the end with Cora was also creepy and just Cora in general. And Regina killing Snow in her imagination. I don’t know, I was just really creeped out.However I also felt really bad for Gina and Gold in SB. Gina beucase she does love Henry, and I hate that he can’t love her as much. Gold beucase I think we can all agree he wants to get out of SB and find Bae and now well This episode was really weird. I’m really not sure what to think of it at this point, I’m going to have to watch it a few more times, I think.

  3. Monica, Jefferson was from Wonderland, which was a whole different world from FTL, and the curse affetced him differently than it did anyone else. He always remembered who he was. So maybe his daughter might not have been affetced in the same way everyone else was maybe she didn’t wake up when the curse was broken??The scene with Jefferson left a lot of unanswered questions. Why did his car turn over? Where was he going when he crashed? Why did he have the tea set and the stuffed bunny? Why did he run away from David? I’m leaning towards thinking that someone kidnapped Pinocchio while he was still immobilized though he may have turned all the way back into a man and walked out himself.Robin, I agree the episode was creepy, but I thought it was good kind of creepy. Tara and Princess Donna I’m going to agree more with Tara here. I think that David/Prince Charming is a relatively bland character. I think the evil characters Rumpel and Regina are the most vivid in the show, followed by the kick-ass Snow. I do find the new, feistier David more interesting than the pre-curse-breaking David the new David is not as swashbuckling as the FTL Prince and not as cowardly as the old David, but something of a combination of the two. I also like the way he’s become a reluctant leader which reminds me of some aspects of LOST (I may write more about that later). But even the new David is not as fascinating to me as Rumpel, Regina, and Snow and that may have something to do with the acting, I think Josh Dallas is doing a good job, but Robert Carlyle, Lana Parrilla, and Ginnifer Goodwin take it to a whole other level.

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