Weekend Writing Warrior – 11/24/13

Here’s a little something sweet for you: 8 lines from Daring Miss December (Hot Nights in St. Blaise #12).

“I have no breasts.”

Her announcement turned him to stone. Every muscle in his body braced for impact as his mind barreled ahead like a runaway train. For one crazy, breathless minute, he dared to hope she was making a self-effacing remark about being modestly endowed, but down in his gut he knew she meant exactly what she said. Swallowing hard, he scrounged for his voice, hoping the right words might come to him by the time he located it. In the end, all he managed was a deep, raspy, “No?”

She nodded but made no move to face him. “I thought I should tell you up front. I know you lost your wife to cancer, and I wanted to be as open with you as possible in case….”

Daring Miss December_Maggie Wells


It’s never too late to learn the truth about love…if you dare.

Straight-laced hospital administrator Oliver Watkins has the heart of a rebel.

Coming of age in the free-wheeling seventies meant that Oliver’s rebellion manifested itself in always doing precisely what he was expected to do.

With his wife gone and his daughter grown, the survival of St. Blaise Regional Medical Center has become his main focus in life. That is, until the results of a routine blood test give him the nudge he needs to indulge in forbidden fruit.

Dietician Anne Silverstein has enjoyed a smorgasbord of experiences, but none shaped her life more dramatically than finding a lump in her breast at the ripe old age of twenty-six. In the years since she triumphed over death, Anne has learned to embrace life by taking each new day as it comes.

When Ollie Watkins, stumbles into her office looking for more than a few tips on lowering his cholesterol, throwing caution to the wind is a no-brainer for free-spirited Anne. But the home remedies Anne and Oliver cook up together leave them both ravenous for more. Suddenly one finds one day at a time is not enough and the other fears it’s way too much.

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