Weekend Writing Warrior – 11/3/13

We have a couple of weeks before Daring Miss December is ready for release, so I thought I’d share a bit of what I’m working on now. Here are the opening lines from Going Deep:

“If I didn’t have Harley Cade and his ten million ways of making a girl happy, I’d cling to that man’s hull like a barnacle.”

Brooke drowned a smirk in her martini glass. The cocktail in her had was pinker than a My Little Pony, but the triple sec helped the vodka pack a punch that more than made up for the girly color. Trusting in the power of booze, she turned to face her best friend. “He told Mrs. Wise you had your Spanish conjugation written on your thigh.”

The terse reminders came automatically these days, but Laney remained as impervious to the power of sarcasm as she’d been in high school. But it was getting harder and harder to hold back the snark. All anyone wanted to talk about was the return of the great Brian Dalton.

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9 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 11/3/13”

  1. So much sass and clever lines in this exchange! The barnacle and the my little pony…and trusting in the power of alcohol. You had me grinning from hello. 😀

  2. No one likes a narc, but she was cheating in that Spanish class, after all. That’s not much a mark against him–but I get the feeling Brooke has plenty of reason to dislike Brian.

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