Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/29/13

I’m working on a re-release of a short story I wrote for the Passionate Exhibitions anthology. Here are 8 more sentences from The Art Lover:

“Like this? Naked?”

“Nude,” she corrected automatically. “We call them nudes.”

She plucked three tubes of paint from the chest before gathering the ones they left scattered on the drop cloth. Kelsy scooped a gob of paint from the dropcloth and slapped it onto her palette. Mitch might have admired the brisk economy of her movements if he wasn’t absolutely terrified by the notion that she thought he would pose for her.

“Arms back over your head, please,” she ordered.

Coming soon!

195 Maggie Wells copy

Happy New Year, my friends. It’s been a blast hanging with you! Be sure to click here to read all of the posts from my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors!


10 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/29/13”

  1. She doesn’t *think* he’s posing, she *knows* it. He’ll just have to get with the program.

    Some people are more comfortably with nude bodies than others… I’d be blushing for sure.

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