Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/8/13

Here are 8 sentences from my upcoming Harlequin-E release Jump Into Love:

A few strange women had flitted in and out of Langley Sheppard’s life in the last few months, but not one of them had a bizarre fixation on chewing gum like tonight’s winner. Squinting through the sleet-spattered windshield, he attempted to peer into the harsh glare spilling from the glass storefront of the T-N-T mini-mart, hoping to catch sight of his date. The multitude of neon signs crowding the spotless expanse lit the puddles of slush in carnival colors. The store’s owner, Max Merida, believed in the laws of plenty. Plenty of light, plenty of cheesy merchandise crammed onto narrow counters, and plenty of mark-up built into every price. Apparently, his date believed in having plenty of gum.

Five minutes crept past since she bailed from his car, insisting he stay put. He could only figure choosing the right flavor was a deeply personal matter.

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10 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/8/13”

  1. Again, you wow me with your descriptions! Choosing the perfect gum flavour really is a deeply personal matter. 😉 Fabulous work, Maggie!

  2. Loved the description of the neon signs and carnival slush…but where’d that girl get to? Since she’s a “winner” sounds like he won’t be too hurt if she’s taken off and left.

  3. Five minutes for chewing gum in the middle of a date? I get the feeling she bailed out the back or something. That or she’s deeply, deeply weird. Maybe he should run.

  4. A few strange women? Sounds like she either left via a back door or is inside casing the shop. Your descriptions are very vivid. Great 8.

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