Weekend Writing Warrior – 2/15/15

Here are another 8 sentences from Full Court Press. Women’s Basketball Coach, Kate Snyder, is not pleased about the hiring of NCAA bad boy, Danny McMillan, as Head Football Coach.

Had days of denials done the trick? Had they sent one of their interns over to cover what they thought might be a non-story? Could the powers that be at the largest sports network in the nation been so easily fooled, or was it simply that they’d taken one shot then decided anything having to do with Wolcott Football was beneath their notice?

Did Mike Samlin truly think he could hire the bad boy of collegiate athletics, at a purportedly astronomical salary and not have that come back to haunt him at contract time?

Oh, hell no.

She was a Wolcott Warrior and a champion. These men thought they could waltz into her world and take what they wanted. Well, they had another thing coming.

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  1. She sounds very determined, with a nice level of self confidence. Fireworks ahead, no doubt! Great excerpt…

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