Weekend Writing Warrior – 2/23/14

This week, I’m sharing 8 more from The Art Lover!

Reflected in that funhouse reject mirror, her arms were bands of white slashing across the peachy-gold of his skin. Tiny hairs the color of coal dust curled around her fingers. The swell of her hips played peek-a-boo from behind his. Powerful, thick thighs all but blocked her from the frame. He covered her hands with his but didn’t try to halt her progress or guide her. She smiled and pressed a kiss to the soft underside of his triceps.

“From the first time I saw you, I thought you might be perfect. Now I know.”


195 Maggie Wells copyThe Art Lover – Available now for only $0.99!

Starving artist Kelsey Tecato takes being The Templeton Museum’s artist in residence a little too literally. By day, she puts on a show of painting for the crowds that shuffle through the galleries, but at night, her muse runs wild.

Mitch Jameson is a guy’s guy. A cop moonlighting as a security guard, he has little use for the artsy-fartsy stuff, but the mysterious Ms. Tecato’s sexy portraits call to him.

So does an interior alarm.

When Officer Jameson goes to investigate, he finds a paint-splattered goddess working on a self-portrait–in the nude.

A couple tubes of paint and a roll in the drop cloths later, free-spirited Kelsey helps Officer Jameson discover his passion for art.

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  1. “From the first time I saw you, I thought you might be perfect. Now I know.” – How strange. I thought the same thing about you, Maggie. 😀 Another fabulous excerpt!

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