Weekend Writing Warrior – 3/15/15

Well, I’m trying another project on for size. I’m calling it Play Dates and I’m hoping it will be the first in a series featuring single dads. Here’s the scene in which our heroine, never-married-never-wanted-to-be, Monica Rayburn first spots Colm Cleary whilst on an outing to the park with her niece.


Monica Rayburn inched closer to the picnic tables littered with diaper bags and juice boxes and lifted her cell just a centimeter higher. The angle was just right. Years of after-work happy hours had allowed her to acquire a skill most people never master—the sly snapshot.

A quick glance at the enormous play structure mounted in the center of the playground verified that her niece, Emma, was safely ensconced in one of the numerous hamster trails that lead from one slide to another. Wiggling her thumb over the screen as if frantically typing a text, Monica tipped the phone up just enough to ensure that her quarry was centered in the frame. The whir of a fake shutter marked her success, but just in case, she gave the photo a surreptitious glance as she lowered the phone.


Now all she had to do was determine the handsome hunk of a man leaning against the wide trunk of an oak tree was predator or parent.


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Happy Sunday!


9 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 3/15/15”

  1. Heee! This is perfection! Monica Rayburn is my hero. Can’t wait to read more about these two! 🙂

  2. Got to say, I love the hero’s name. And I’m sure he’s going to be a bit of both predator and parent. Love the series idea

  3. Fascinating premise going on here! Enjoyed the snippet, could really visualize her as she gets her sneaky photo.

  4. You’ve done a great job setting up this characters in this snippet. Well done. That last sentence is compelling.

  5. That’s quite some skill she has with her camera. It’s a little scary to think anyone who looks like they’re on their phone could be taking pictures, though.

  6. I really like how realistic your heroine is; but all I could think was “don’t take that picture.” Great snippet!

  7. I love it. I’ve had a couple airport moments where I wanted to snap a pic of a hot guy to cute to be believed. She’s bolder than I. LOL

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