Weekend Writing Warrior – 5/11/14

I’m on the road and I almost forgot! Here’s a quick eight from my WIP Full Court Press

“You’ll be glad to know you aren’t the only one manning the welcome wagon.”

Her nose wrinkled when she grinned. Just a little, but enough to make him want to grab her and kiss her senseless. “I can’t believe he didn’t come over here and lick you cleats, Byron is all about the football, you know.”

He managed a sage nod. “Oh, I heard.”

Kate picked up on his sentiment and nodded right along. “Play your cards right and he’ll keep you in Gatorade and mouth guards for years to come.”

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8 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 5/11/14”

  1. Hee! I can’t get enough of this! I think, when I find the man I’m going to marry, I’ll drop down on one knee and lick his cleats. 😉 Fabulous 8!

  2. That’s how you know when someone’s a goner–the little gestures no one else even notices that drive them crazy with lust. Nice snippet!

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