Weekend Writing Warrior – 5/24/15

Okay! This week I am back to sharing bits of my current WIP, Play Dates, the first book in what I hope will be a series featuring some hot single dads and the women who capture their hearts! When last we saw them, Monica accepts a date with Colm, but she doesn’t tell him that the little girl she had in the park with her was her niece, and not her daughter. It’s their first evening out, and our hero is a bit smitten.


He had to stop looking down her blouse. Well, not really down her blouse, at at her blouse. The spot where the two sides of it criss-crossed. Right there. And if he didn’t stop gawking, she was going to notice. And here he’d been so proud of himself for walking the block and a half to La Casita without falling at her feet. Then again, if he had, he probably would have taken the opportunity to peek up her skirt.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think, and be sure to check out all of my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors!


11 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 5/24/15”

  1. If nothing else, it sounds like Monica certainly knows how to dress for a date! Love these two already – can’t wait for the sparks to fly!

  2. I agree with Carol, Monica’s dressing seems to have sent him over the edge already!

  3. Hee! This guy’s got it bad. I’m so loving the snippets you’re sharing from this book. It’s quirky and lighthearted and full of surprises! 🙂

  4. Our young lad has some serious focus issues. Eyes on her face, m’boy. She’ll like that too… and you’ll get a sneak peak into how she feels about you as well.

    Maggie, just wanted to not you had a double “at” in the second sentence at the end of the line. (I miss these all the time.)

  5. The edges of clothing can be a little distracting, especially when they go low–but he can keep it together, I’m sure.

  6. Does Colm really expect us to believe he wasn’t actually staring DOWN her blouse? Seems like his infatuation might just be testing the limits of his gentlemanliness!

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