Weekend Writing Warrior – 6/1/14

Just one more day until The Last First Date releases as part of the Harlequin-E Contemporary Boxed Set Volume 2!

Here are a fast eight from The Last First Date:


“We’re going to be good, Jessica,” he whispered the promise into her skin, imprinting himself on her, “better than either of us ever imagined.”

His promises were cut off by a low-frequency whoop and a whirl of blue lights.

Lang’s first instinct was to throw his body over hers, but the sound of a car door, then the crunch of approaching footsteps brought him to his senses. After jerking her shirt down and her pants up, he rolled back into his seat and yanked the lapels of his suit coat closed over his gaping fly. The butt of a flashlight tapped the glass. Muttering a string of expletives, he lowered his window and allowed the bitterness of a night gone tragically wrong to cool the heat of the moment.

“Evening, Langley.”



Available June 2, 2014!



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6 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 6/1/14”

  1. Oh wow, what an awful moment to be so interrupted! Vivid snippet, I feel sorry for your characters. Congratulations on the upcoming boxed set launch!

  2. Oh no…he knows the cop? Bummer. It went from soft and sensual to stressed in a mere moment, loved it.

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